The Rebellion of Melus is the second scenario of the Bari campaign in the Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten.

Players Edit

Allies Edit

  • Bari (Italians) is located in the central-eastern part of the map, facing the Adriatic Sea. Once the rebellion of Melus breaks out, all buildings, except the castle where Melus spoke to Michael Nautikos, would be taken over by the "Rebels". The player must defeat the rebels and bring Michael back to this castle.
  • Byzantine Empire (Byzantines) is initially occupying Bari together with Melus' troops. Their troops are mainly made up of Tagmata (mostly Legionaries with a few Centurions) and Varangian Guards (Halberdiers). Melus would give a group of Byzantine Tagmata (only Legionaries) and Varangian Guards to the player before the player is to meet the leader of Brindisi. Once the rebellion breaks out, the Byzantine Empire's troops would be quickly defeated by the rebels.
  • Friendly Lombards (Goths) are controlling a village in the north (northwest of Bari) where Michael is to meet the chieftain to demand for more troops as instructed by Melus; another much smaller village near the west gate of Bari where Michael is to meet the theign to get a few soldiers from him (after fleeing Bari); and a gold mining area in the southern tip of the map which would be taken over by the player if Michael personally goes there. If Michael goes back to the northern village after controlling Capua, they would request for one tower before submitting themselves to the player.
  • Local Italians (Italians) are controlling Brindisi (in the east) and Potenza (in the southwest). Both of them are trading partners with Bari and later the rebels. Melus would send Michael to Brindisi to demand for tribute, which the leader (a Monk) relunctantly agreed to pay. Potenza would request Michael to help destroy the rebel camp on the bridge east of Potenza, and kill Dattus of Bari, and once succeed, Potenza would submit themselves to the player.
  • Normans (Franks) is controlling Capua, in the west of the map. Once Michael enters Capua to see the Norman lord, they would request to bring them a relic into their monastery (they would give the player a Monk to do this), then they will submit themselves to the player. They also possess two military camps for 2 seconds before taken over by the rebels - one in the west, just south of Capua separated by a cliff; another in the south, in the middle of the bridge east of Potenza. This would explain the "Western European" architecture of these two camps, instead of the "Central European" or "Mediterranean" ones.

Ally → enemy Edit

  • Melus (Byzantines) is the lord of Bari, and the one who started the rebellion against the Byzantine Empire. In the early game, he at the main castle of Bari would assign Michael for errands. At the 2nd second of the game, this player would take over nearly all "Rebels" over the map, except those along the route from Bari to the northern Lombard village. He become enemies with the player after Michael flees Bari due to the rebellion outbreak.

Enemy → ally → enemy Edit

  • Rebels (Goths) is the primary opponent of the player, initially having a few troops along the way from Bari to the nearby Lombard village, and later taking control over Bari after Melus started the rebellion. They would also take over two small military camps from the Normans at the 2nd second of the gameplay - one in the west, just southeast of Capua; another in the middle of the bridge east of Potenza. They are at the Imperial Age, therefore technologically having the upper hand. They would actively attack the player with cavaliers, Huskarls, and sometimes with trebuchets, scorpions, pikemen, etc.

Strategy Edit

Michael Nautikos and his lord, Melus of Bari, are having a conversation at the main castle in Bari. Melus ordered Michael to go to the nearby Lombard village in the north and get some soldiers. While Michael questioned the necessity for this since Bari is well-guarded with Tagmata, Melus refused to reveal his own intention and simply ordered Michael to go. At this point, the player would be possessing Michael and two Throwing Axemen.

On the way, Michael encountered some 'rebels' and have to kill them off before entering the Lombard village. The Lombard chieftain turned down their request, saying that they were under threat by rebels and they did not have enough men to supply Melus. Then the player must bring Michael back to see Melus. Then Melus would send Michael to Brindisi, east of Bari, to demand for tribute. The player would receive a few more soldiers, consisting of Tagmata and Varangian Guards.

As Michael meets the leader of Brindisi, a Monk, the Monk initially refused to pay, as he foreseen that Melus was actually plotting a rebellion against the Byzantine Empire, pointing out the fact that Melus' forces consist of Lombards and Normans who only answered to Melus and not the Byzantine Empire. But at the end the Monk leader reluctantly agreed to pay, after being pressed by Michael to do so, even though Michael had the same doubt as well.

As Michael returns to Bari, the player would witness a breakout of a rebellion. Then Michael learned that Melus started the rebellion, and must bring his own men to flee Bari. After the player leaves Bari for a certain distance, both Melus and the Rebels are enemies with the player. The player must fight some troops of Melus before Michael could see the nearby Lombard theign and get a few soldiers from him. The theign pointed out that Michael could get help from Capua (a Norman town in the west) and Potenza (in the southwest).

On the way to Capua, which the player must go, the player would see Melus' troops along the path, which the player may avoid fighting them at the moment and travel along the swamp, where there are rabid wolves which can be easily killed by the military units the player has. However, the player would still inevitably encounter some of Melus' troops before entering Capua. Michael must go and meet the Norman lord, and the Normans request to bring a Relic into their Monastery with the Monk they give.

The player must turn back to the swamps and get the relic, while having to deal with Melus' troops. If not detected by Melus' soldiers, the Monk may safely pick up the relic near the rabid wolves, as they would not harm the Monk. However the Monk must quickly leave before being detected by the enemies.

Once the relic is being garrisoned into the Norman monastery in Capua, the player would take over the whole Capua, including all the units. The relic would be ejected from the monastery, so the player should garrison it again into the monastery to generate gold. Capua would be the main base of the player. Michael warned that the Rebels would start attacking once they discovered Capua.

The Rebels must be defeated by destroying their buildings and units (though it is not necessary to destroy the buildings that do not produce units). The player must note that while being stuck at the Castle Age, both enemies - Melus and the Rebels, are in the Imperial Age. Before the player could build up a formidable force to go on an offensive, the player should focus on defense and economy. The player shall build Stone Walls and Gates with Guard Towers at the bridge outside Capua, as well as at the forest path leading to Potenza, near the small Rebel camp. Within this area, the player may build a large farming area to gather food. While being under attack, the player should try to send Monks to convert some Cavaliers and Huskarls from the Rebels, as towers are not quite effective against these units, and the player may utilize their advantages for both offense and defense. The player should get many Monks ready behind defense, in case the enemy comes in a large force, therefore the only effective way would be converting a few enemy soldiers from behind the walls and gates and make the invading troops fight among themselves. In case the invaders come with siege weapons, especially Trebuchets, it would be helpful to convert cavaliers and quickly send the converted cavaliers to destroy the siege weapons.

Once the Rebels are defeated, the player must bring Michael back to the courtyard outside the castle in Bari, where the player started. Michael would be wondering about the absence of Melus. The scenario is won.

Gathering resources Edit

Capua itself is providing unlimited supply of wood, gold, and stone. The forest in the western tip of the map outside the wall has 6 spots providing a tree repeatedly after being chopped and used up. Within the town, there is some Gold Mines and Stone Mines, where each of them having a spot where there would be a mine respawning again and again after being used up.

If the player manages to get clear of Melus' troops outside Capua and build defensive structures over the space as mentioned above, the player may safety build Farms within this space.

Due to terrain problems, it is impossible to build Docks outside Capua, and it would be the easiest if the player takes over Potenza and the Lombard village (see section below) to use their docks.

There are gold mines at the southern tip of the map, with a few Lombard Villagers and guarded by a Watch Tower and a Spearman. As Michael approaches these Lombards, they would submit themselves to Michael (the player), offering themselves to mine the gold for Michael.

Secondary objectives Edit

Taking over Potenza Edit

Once Michael meets the Lord of Potenza (a Two-Handed Swordsman) at his castle, the player is given the task to destroy the Rebel camp on the bridge in the east of Potenza, and kill the Knight hero Dattus of Bari. Once done, Michael must return to meet the Lord again to take over the entire town and all the units.

Taking over the Lombard village Edit

After taking control over Capua, as Michael returns to the Lombard chieftain, the chieftain will request to build a tower on the spot marked with a flag. Once completed, the player immediately takes over everything in the village, including the units.