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The Pasunda Bubat Tragedy is the fifth and final scenario of the Gajah Mada campaign in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas. It is based on the Battle of Bubat which marks the end of Gajah Mada's political and military career.


While I was watching the dancers in the royal gardens, a plan came to me that will ensure the downfall of the Sunda. An arranged marriage between my king and one of their princesses will cause the Sunda to lower their guard. I will then force them, under threat of destruction, to submit to my king's rule. It is a plot worthy of the cunning kancil!

My king has ordered me to go to Bubat Square in our capital to welcome the princess and escort her and her family to our palace. For my plan to succeed, not even the king can know of the plot.

The Sunda will protest, but with their whole royal family in our city, surrounded by my soldiers, they will have no choice but to submit.

I came up with a plan for the Sunda 'issue'. I've arranged a marriage between my king and one of their princesses. They think the wedding document secured an alliance with us, but in fact, it states they will submit to Majapahit rule. My king has ordered me to go to Bubat Square in our capital to welcome the princess as she arrives with her family and escort them to our palace in safety. Even he doesn't know of the plot.

I don't know how they'll react when they find out the truth but I won't give them the chance to do anything about it. As we speak, my army encroaches the Bubat square. Faced with the harsh reality of the situation, the Sunda will have no choice but to continue the ceremony.

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]

  • Starting Age: ImperialageDE Imperial Age
  • Starting resources:
  • Population limit: 150 (125 before the Definitive Edition)

Differences between difficulty levels[]

  • On standard/moderate difficulty, the Castle in Bubat Square belongs to Trowulan.
  • On standard difficulty, Sunda has fewer towers.


Secondary objectives:

  • Appropriate a nearby village to support your army.
  • Take control of a military base near the capital so you can use it to attack the Sunda in the capital.
  • Buy three War Elephants for 300 gold.


  1. Gajah Mada's army is restricted to a population limit of 150.
  2. Indian traders are nearby to trade at the Majapahit capital of Trowulan. Their docks are open for trade and they sell Siege Elephants to anyone who has gold.
  3. The bandits in this region can be a real nuisance. Their raids will not stop until their camps are destroyed.
  4. Sunda will be able to train more units using Trowulan's infrastructure. We need to capture these buildings by capturing all the banners (Blue Flags) in the capital.
  5. Gajah Mada does not allow his army to use siege weapons against his own capital. If we want to break though the walls, we will have to use elephants.

  • You will not be defeated when you lose your main hero.
  • The Majapahit's population limit is restricted to 125.
  • Near the capital are Indian traders who will let you trade with them. They will also sell you three War Elephants for 300 gold in tribute.
  • The bandits in this region can be a real nuisance. Getting rid of them before attacking the Sunda in the city might be a good idea. Destroying their camps will stop their raids.
  • Sunda will be able to train more units using Trowulan's infrastructure. We need to capture these buildings by putting soldiers next to them.
  • Gajah Mada won't allow the usage of Siege Weapons lest we destroy the city. On the other hand elephants are great alternatives for taking down buildings.

  • Scouts[]

    • Gajah Mada's army (1, Red) is sitting in a small fortress south of the capital waiting for news from its emissaries. The fortress is small and has no additional resources so it will not be able to withstand many attacks.
    • The Majapahit capital of Trowulan (4, Yellow) is directly north of our position and is ruled by our king Hayam Wuruk. The king has his palace in the eastern part of the city and is unaware of Gajah Mada's plans.
    • The Sunda princes (2, Blue) in Trowulan are here for the royal wedding and are low in numbers but since they are already in the city we will need to find a way to get to them.
    • Outside of the capital, to the west and north, are several Majapahit villages (6, Purple) and army bases (3, Green). The first village and camp that you reach will be yours to command, but the others will no longer offer their services.
    • Because Gajah Mada has spent much of his time campaigning, the Javanese Bandits (5, Cyan) in this region have become very powerful. They are likely to attack us whenever they can.



    • Player (Malay AoE2 Malay): The player begins with a few units in Trowulan (that will die quickly) and a base in the southern part of the map.


    • Javanese Villages (Malay AoE2 Malay): Located to the northwest and northernmost. If the player is able to reach their base, they will give their buildings and Villagers to the player and also tribute some resources.
    • Majapahit Army (Malay AoE2 Malay): Located in the middle and to the northeast. Their forces consist of Battle Elephants, Champions, Arbalesters, and Elite Skirmishers. If the player is able to reach their bases, they will give their units and buildings to the player.
    • Trowulan (Malay AoE2 Malay): They have a large and well-fortified base in the middle of the map. Although allied with the player, they disagree with Gajah Mada's plan to kill Sunda princes. They have a Wonder (named as Monument) protected by Elite Battle Elephants, Arbalesters, and Halberdiers. After roughly 35 minutes, the Wonder victory time countdown will start and the player will be defeated if the all of Sunda Princes are not decimated before the countdown has finished.
    • Indian Traders (Dravidians AoE2 Dravidians, Indians AoE2 Indians before Dynasties of India) are located to the east. They have some Docks the player can use to trade with. Each time the player tributes 300 gold to them, they will give three Siege Elephants (Elite War Elephants before Dynasties of India) to the player, but this only works once a unit of the player has approached their outpost.


    • Sunda (Malay AoE2 Malay): They do not have production buildings, but have some Gates, Towers, and Barricades scattered inside and near the Trowulan's base. Their land units consist of Elite Battle Elephants, Arbalesters, Sunda Royal Fighters, and Sunda Princes (the more powerful version of Two-Handed Swordsmen and Cavaliers). At the sea, they have an army of Galleons, Fast Fire Ship, and Elite Cannon Galleons. They do not behave aggressively and only attack approaching units. In the Definitive Edition however, they will start going on the offensive once the player is near Trowulan. They have a few Halberdiers as well.
    • Javanese Bandits (Burmese AoE2 Burmese): Various land units scattered across the map, consisting of Karambit Warriors, Battle Elephants, Skirmishers, Spearmen, Men-at-Arms, Knights, Light Cavalry, Mangonels, and Scorpions. Their sea units, on the other hand, consist of Galleons, Fire Ships, Demolition Ships, and Transport Ships garrisoned with land units. Their camps spawn troops and (in one case) ships regularly (if the player has captured a nearby base) and their units attack nearby player bases as long as their respective camp remains standing.



    Gajah Mada has to kill the Sunda princes (5 Two-Handed Swordsmen and 1 Cavalier hero) in the center of the city of Trowulan. He starts out with a small force of Karambit Warrior in Trowulan and a small base (but no Villagers) in the south of the map. In order to muster more troops, he has to find villages and military camps loyal to him.

    There are two villages (purple) and two military camps (green) respectively. Taking them over allows the player to train villagers and troops respectively, but also triggers the nearest bandit camp(s) to regularly attack the player's corresponding base until the bandit camp (tents) is destroyed. Razing a camp also nets a minor tribute (depending on the camp). One of the camps also spawns ships until destroyed. The Transport Ships however are limited to 7 and do not respawn.

    If the player takes either military camp (green) and passing 35 minutes, the king will be suspicious to Gajah Mada's action and start the Wonder's count down. It is recommended not to approach them until the player is ready to attack.

    The player cannot build any siege weapons, including Trebuchets and Cannon Galleons, so they have to rely on (Elite) Battle Elephants or Two-Handed Swordsmen to destroy buildings. Petards and bombard towers can also help taking down fortifications.

    In the easternmost corner of the map, Indian Traders can be found. Once their base is reached, they offer 3 fully upgraded Siege Elephants (they were Persian Elite War Elephants in previous versions) every time they are tributed 300 gold. They have to be shipped from the Indian outpost via Transport Ship, which is both time consuming and dangerous.

    In the HD Edition, and in DE before Dynasties of India, the Indian traders provided 3 fully upgraded (Persian) Elite War Elephants (only missing Plate Barding Armor) instead. These elephants were much stronger than the regular Malay Elite Battle Elephant (which also lack Bloodlines and even Chain Barding Armor). If the player managed to safely transport the Elite War Elephants, the scenario became significantly easier.

    Securing a village[]

    The Karambit Warriors in the city are hopelessly outnumbered against the hero Sunda Royal Fighters, so the player's main immediate focus should be on the marine base in the south.

    Like mentioned before, two villages are at the player's command when reached, but the player does not have to exclusively decide for one, both can be taken. It should be noted though, while taking both villages gives a potentially better economy, it also diverts the player's attention and resources when defending both from Bandit raids, which only happen on each village separately.

    The are only two ways into the city: from northwest via land or from northeast via sea (the walls belong to the allied Trowulan). Depending on the player's preference, either the northern or the northwestern village should be chosen as the main base of operations (most military resources invested in).

    The village in the north is separated from the mainland by a river with cliffs on the other side, so if this is the main base of operations, Trowulan has to be attacked from the water (or the troops have to be shipped in a wide arc around the city, which is very impracticable).

    If the player decides to make the northwestern village their main base on the other hand, they should launch the attack on the city from the northwest. This village is also faster to reach than the one in the north.

    In any case it is important to act quickly at the start of the scenario. The Bandits send ships regularly towards the player's outpost in the south and they also attempt 7 subsequent Transport Ship landings, which the player should intercept as far as possible, lest they risk losing the southern outpost.

    Before taking over a village, the player cannot create villagers, but building some Fishing Ships is possible, and food can be gathered in relative safety west of the Docks once the two Sunda Galleons there are sunk. By now the player should know that Malay Fish Traps are inexhaustible (in the Definitive Edition, since update 47820, they provide three times more food).

    The northern base[]

    The northern base can be captured by sending a ship to the eastern Majapahit Army camp (a few Fire Ships should suffice to clean any opposition on the way) and then sending the acquired troops north.

    When planning a maritime assault, the player should be aware that Sunda has a huge navy, as well as Harbors and Towers, and the player themselves cannot build Cannon Galleons, so this requires a large investment which hardly helps in the final battle, for which the player still needs a land army.

    A land army is also recommended to destroy the surrounding Bandit camps, which stops their raids.

    The northwestern base[]

    The northwestern village can be reached by shipping the initial army a short way northwest and then making a land march northwest. The path to the village is blocked by some groups of Bandits, but with careful micro management they can be taken out, and even a camp of them on the way can be destroyed, diminishing their raids.

    While building up an economy, the player should focus on warding off early raids (both on their new base and the Transport Ships on their initial one) until they can take the fight to the Bandits themselves.

    They can also try to make a run for the Majapahit Army camp, the troops of which can be used to take out the ships spawning Bandit camp (south of the army camp), halting any sea raids and giving the player free reign over the water, unless attacking Sunda ships themselves.

    Once the immediate threats of the surrounding Bandit camps are dealt with, the player can shift their attention towards Trowulan.

    Like mentioned before, Gajah Mada cannot build any siege weapons, so Elite Battle Elephant and/or Two-Handed Swordsmen have to make do. While the Malay Battle Elephants are mediocre at best, Sunda does not field their main counter, Halberdiers, making them still a decent choice (in the Definitive Edition they do field Halberdiers).

    The shortest way to the Pasunda plaza is via the north gate, then northeast towards the harbour and afterwards back south. While passing the harbour the player's units are under constant Galleon fire, so it should be passed as quickly as possible.

    The other way is attacking the southern of the two gates and making an arc around the plaza island. This path avoids the harbour, but is longer.

    The final battle[]

    After passing the harbour in one way or another, the approaches merge. The princes are located on a "peninsula" only accessible from the northeast and are guarded by many Sunda Royal Fighters, Arbalesters, some Elite Battle Elephants, as well as an Onager, and a Castle, but most units can be lured away from the Castle.

    Once the Sunda princes are killed, the scenario is won.

    Definitive Edition strategy[]

    Most of the strategy is similar to the HD Edition. But the layout of Trowulan will be different, and there will be no Wonder timer when the player takes a town. There will be another timer set before the king acts. When the Definitive Edition was released, the timer was bugged, as it did not trigger anything. However, after certain updates, this bug was fixed and the player will lose the scenario when the timer ends.

    Additionally, whether or not the player takes a town, the king's timer will start. The player will also gain control of a green military camp when they take control of a town. In order to delay the timer to play more like the original scenario, buildings in the military camp can be deleted.

    Also, now the Indian traders give Siege Elephants instead of Elite War Elephants. As Sunda's units are trained through Trowulan's military buildings, the unit production will stop when the player sends a unit to a flagged area.

    Sunda will also go on the offensive once the player enters the city, so they must be careful. However, this can be exploited to their detriment with Castles and Bombard Towers.

    Sniping the Sunda Royal Fighters is the most effective way to win the scenario, especially as the Elite Battle Elephants are slow, so are unlikely to catch up and kill the units sent for the job before they snipe the Sunda Royal Fighters. This avoids having to deal with all the units and all the defensive buildings.

    With Dynasties of India, the Indian Traders now give the player three Siege Elephants for 300 gold instead of three Elite War Elephants for 500 gold. While, as the in-game dialogue says, Siege Elephants do take more arrow fire than Elite Battle Elephants, they are weak against melee units, meaning the player should mostly rely on Elite Battle Elephants to storm into Trowulan, while Siege Elephants should only be used to destroy walls, towers, and barricades.


    At first, all went according to my plan. My army surrounded the Sunda royal family and I ordered them to surrender their weapons. I was convinced that they would comply.

    To my surprise, instead of surrendering, the Sunda drew their weapons and attacked my army, even though they were vastly outnumbered. I tried in vain to stop the fighting, but the Sunda were destroyed and my plot crumbled into dust.

    My own king and his family - the family that I have spend my entire life serving - were disgusted by my actions. When the king summoned me, I could see the disappointment and loathing in his eyes. In tears, he told me that his bride-to-be had committed suicide, and that I had ruined the reputation of our empire.

    Many in the Majapahit Empire wanted me dead, but because of my long years of service, the king spared my life. Instead, I was to resign and to withdraw to a small mansion in the countryside. Death would have been a less harsh punishment than having to live with this shame.

    And so, here I am. A lonely old man, once ambitious and young, now trapped in this secluded place. I realize that I was not clever, like the kancil, but rather greedy and blind, like the animals that it misleads. The assassination of the first king, the removal of the prime minister, all of the schemes that I planned and conspired... I let nothing come in the way of my ambitions...

    ...and now I pay the price...

    Things turned bad really quickly. My army surrounded the Sunda royal family at the Bubat Square and I ordered them to put down their weapons. I was sure they would comply. I certainly didn't expect them to draw their weapons and attack my army when they were so vastly outnumbered. But feeling humiliated by the treaty, that's what they did. Outnumbered and surrounded from all sides they bravely fought till the very end.

    My own king and his family, the family I had spent my entire life serving, were disgusted by my actions. When the king summoned me, I could see the disappointment and loathing in his eyes. In tears, he told me that his bride-to-be had committed suicide after the events that took place, and that I had ruined the reputation of our empire.

    Many in the Majapahit Empire wanted me dead, but because of my long years of service the king did not desire my demise. Instead, he told me to withdraw from the royal court and to retreat to a small mansion in the countryside. Death would have been a less harsh punishment than having to live with this shame.

    And so, here I am. A lonely old man, once ambitious and young, now trapped in this secluded place. I realized I was not smart, like the kancil, but rather was greedy and blind, like the animals it misleads. The assassination of the first king, removing the former prime minister, all the schemes I had in place, ... I let nothing come in the way of my ambitions. And now I have to pay the price...


    • The player can attempt to destroy the Wonder if (and only if) they manage to keep one or both starting Onagers safe. Just destroy the bandit camp with the ship spawning points and other Sunda ships near the southeast cliffed coast. Afterwards, unload the Onagers to attack ground at the Wonder.
      • This does not work in the Definitive Edition, as the timer is now independent of the Wonder. When the Definitive Edition was released, the timer was bugged, as it did not trigger anything. However, after certain updates, this bug was fixed and the player will lose the scenario when the timer ends.
    • Sometimes, if the player has killed all of the Sunda princes, no follow-up monologue is triggered, thus the scenario cannot be completed. To fix this, exit the game and reopen it.
    • There are other bugs in the Definitive Edition version of the scenario:
      • Even after the player destroys some of the bandit camps, the bandits will still spawn units. The only way to remedy this is to wall off the place where they spawn and/or build Palisade Walls in the spawning spots.
      • If the player does not have enough population space, they will not get the three Siege Elephants. To fix this, the player should build more Houses. When the player has enough population space, the Siege Elephants will appear and so the player will not have wasted the gold.
    • With the release of Dynasties of India, the Indian Traders will now provide Siege Elephants instead of Elite War Elephants. However, the in-game message saying that the elephants "are stronger than the Southeast Asian variant and can take more arrow fire" was not updated, even though Siege Elephants are way weaker than Elite Battle Elephants against melee units.
    • The outro mentions it was the first king who was assassinated. As Gajah Mada is speaking of his own life, he is referring to the first king he served, i.e. King Jayanegara, and not the first king of the Majapahits, King Raden Wijaya.
    • The societal impact of this battle is still felt up to the 21st century. Parents of both Sundanese and Javanese descent often discourage their youngsters from marrying those of each other's ethnic roots.
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