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Morgan catches up with Sahin in the jungles of Central America - but are the Ottomans too powerful to defeat?

The Ottoman Fort is the fourth scenario of Act I: Blood in Age of Empires III. The knights arrive on the Yucatán Peninsula in search of Sahin The Falcon. It isn't long before they find the Ottoman command post.


The Ottoman Fort.png

The cutscene The New World shows the crew of Morgan's flagship make a few comments about never expecting to be in the Americas while the camera shows them standing on deck. It switches to the sight of a white Jaguar along the shoreline. Morgan warns them to be cautious, they can't be sure the wild beasts and Ottomans are the only dangers that lurk in the jungle.

This is the first scenario you may actually send for shipments from the Home City, and at the end of scenario, you may purchase additional Home City Cards.


  • Build a Town Center.
  • Go to the Home City and send a Shipment.
  • Find and ally with at least two local Natives.
  • Find and destroy the Ottoman Command Post and Town Center.

Secondary Objectives[]

  • Destroy the Ottoman Fishing Dock. (500 XP)


  • Ottomans (Ottomans) - Their base is sited on the westernmost part of the map, and includes a Town Center, a Barracks, a Stable, walls and special fortifications. They also have a Dock to the eastern part of the map, as well as Janissary patrols outside the base.



The strategy runs mostly on cutting off their fishing, which the game tells you to do anyway as an objective. Once that is complete keep them from rebuilding their docks by patrolling with the flagship until you can get some walls up to stop their villagers. Your ultimate goal is to destroy the small outpost they've built at the south western native trading post so you can put up your walls and towers in this area. This will choke the life out of their settlement, as you've cut them off from the largest source of resources on the map. This also transforms their withering colony into an experience mine as well.

Note: Difficulty - On the hard difficulty the native trading post is heavily defended, also any attack against the trading post will result in a heavy counterattack by the Ottomans. Make sure your walls are up to par before attacking the trading post. Also on Hard difficulty the Ottoman tactics will change, sometimes they will build plantations when they have exhausted their gold mines and begin sending mercenaries against you and age up to Fortress and produce falconets (which Rodeleros can quickly swarm).
Note: Natives - The natives on this map are the Maya (North), Carib (Middle) and Aztec (Southwest). The Aztec upgrade which ships chests of coin for every 2 minutes of game time is disabled and delivers no chests of coin. However it can still be purchased for 225 wood, be careful you do not waste resources on it. The Mayans and Carib are the best allies, both have upgrades boosting your infantry in combat.
Note: Fishing/Water - Always task 4 actual Fishing Boats on the single Whale on the map. Use Caravels and Canoes for fishing and watch out for Ottoman Galleys if they managed to get their docks rebuilt before the wall went up.