The Old Tiger is the fifth and last scenario in the Bayinnaung campaign in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas.

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Ally Edit

  • Bayinnaung (Burmese) is the aging king of Burma. During the first part of the scenario they control the two bases later given to the player and when Bayinnung himself (in this scenario a renamed Bui Bi) is medidating he is taken over and thus immobile and vulnerable.

Neutral Edit

  • Mrauk U (Burmese) is the capital of Rakhine and serves decorative purposes in the form of various buildings.

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Strategy Edit

This scenario can be frustrating, but it is an interesting challenge in its own right.

At the start, you have limited resources to overcome an unlimited stream of foes. On top of that, you have 2 heroes which cannot die, lest you forfeit the scenario. You cannot make new units, and you have to besiege a number of castles while fighting archers that will try to kite you, all while protecting the king as he moves from one meditation point to the next. You'll have enemies coming at you from all sides, and you cannot devote the time to a slow and careful approach. It requires decent micro-management skills, while also bringing all your military forces to bear on the problem. Your army is split into 2 groups initially. One by sea, and one by land. It is possible to merge these two forces around the second meditation point, and it can be considered wise to do so, weaving your fleet and cannon galleons to help destroy the buildings on the coast, and deliver the reinforcements in your transport ships. Proceed carefully, don't let your heroes get lured away, or get left behind. If you start going too slow, the enemy (Elite) Rattan Archers really show off how powerful and annoying then can be in this scenario. You need to move quickly. Once you've completed the meditations, things change. From here on out, things get a lot easier. You get tons of resources, and all the buildings that you were locked out of are now yours to command. convert a couple of the land based military buildings to create a guard around your remaining land-based hero. Elite skirmisher spam is recommended, with some elephants for a meat shield. Once you've secured your immediate vicinity, and your heroes aren't about to die, spam technologies, and get a massive fleet of galleons and elite cannon galleons. Bomb the coast until there is nothing left, take out those pesky Portuguese (yes, you can convert the feitorias, though with your resources, you shouldn't need to. Build up another army in the south east where you started, and pulverize your foes between the hammer of an elephant army with siege support, and the anvil of your mighty fleet.

Note: Hard mode removes all four Cannon Galleons and three Bombard Cannons. Basically, the player only has two Trebuchets with the land army and two Bombard Cannons with the sea army. A sea invasion toward the second meditation point would then probably be a bit suicidal, but ships are rather cannon-fodder on this map so some nice timing will see the player merging the two armies.

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, if Thinga Dathta is killed it will not result in a game-over, as it would for his older brother Nanda. This may be due to Nanda assuming the Burmese throne after his father's death while no official records exist of Thinga after the siege of Mrauk-U.
  • Filipe de Brito e Nicote, a French-Portuguese adventurer and Rakhin mercenary, appears in this scenario as a Conquistador hero unit. He would later go on to become governor of Thanlyin and executed by Bayinnaung's grandson King Anaukpetlun some 30 years later.
  • In reality, the invasion of Arakan was never carried out due to Bayinnaung's declining health and his armies subsequently withdrew soon after his death.
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