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The Oath to Unify Nusantara is the third scenario of the Gajah Mada campaign in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas. It covers the Majapahit conquest of Bali, which occurs shortly after Gajah Mada took his famous Palapa Oath, along with their conquest of Sumatra and Borneo.


As I feared, our king died this afternoon from an unknown illness.

In his stead, Tribhuwana became queen regent. Her first act as queen was to retire the prime minister and give his position to me.

Without hesitation, I swore an oath in front of everyone. I would not indulge in any pleasures until I had conquered the entire Indonesian archipelago for the glory of the Majapahit!

This afternoon the king died. His doctor murdered him during a minor operation. Once I heard of this news, I had the doctor immediately arrested and killed. The king's stepsister, Tribhuwana is now the queen regent. One of her first actions as the queen was to retire the former prime minister, Arya Tadah, after it became clear that he had failed to do his job and I was made prime minister in his stead.

Immediately I swore an oath in front of everyone in the throne room. I would prove that I would be the greatest prime minister of all of Majapahit's history and I would not eat any spices or fruits until I had conquered the entire known Indonesian archipelago!

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]

Differences between difficulty levels[]


  • Defeat 2 of the 3 enemies.
  • At least 3 colonies must exist and have a market.


  1. Your population limit is restricted to 150.
  2. Once one of your colonies builds a market they will start sending you resources.
  3. Sending food and wood to your colonies will help them grow faster.
  4. If a colony is destroyed they will try to send more colonists later on.
  5. Because of the restricted population limit and resources available it is a good idea to rely on fortifications to defend your islands against enemy ships.
  6. The Sunda will not go on the offensive unless you attack them first or expand into their territory. That is why instead of destroying them immediately you can choose to expand oversea first.


  • The Majapahit (1, Red) control the eastern half of the island of Java, while Sunda (2, Yellow) controls the western half. They will not attack us unless we provoke them but it might be in our interest to assert control over the island before expanding to the other islands. Sunda will train Skirmishers and Knights.
  • Our colonies (Cyan, Purple, Grey and Orange) will start colonizing Bali, Sulawesi, and Borneo. These islands are to the north and east of our island and are rich in resources.
  • West of Java, on the island of Sumatra, lies the kingdom of Dharmasraya (3, Green). The kingdom wields a strong force of Swordsmen, Crossbowmen, Ballista Elephants, Galleons, and Fire Ships. Dharmasraya is the most likely to regularly attack us.
  • To the north lies Malaysia, part of the Asian continent. Here the Tumasik (4, Blue) have broken free from their former overlords and have built the mighty city of Singapore. They compete with us over the control over the sparsely inhabited islands which we are trying to colonize. They focus on destroying our colonies before attacking our home island. The Tumasik will train Arbalesters, Champions, Cavaliers, Bombard Cannons, Galleons, Demolition Ships, and Cannon Galleons.


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  • Majapahit Settlers (Malay AoE2 Malay) is located to the east, on Bali Island, and the first to be built. Thanks to the location, their base is usually easier to defend compared to player's other allies.
  • Majapahit Settlers (Malay AoE2 Malay) is located in the middle, on the southern part of Borneo Island.
  • Majapahit Settlers (Malay AoE2 Malay) is located to the northeast, on Sulawesi Island.
  • Majapahit Settlers (Malay AoE2 Malay) is located to the north, on the northern part of Borneo Island.

None of the Majapahit Settlers constructs any military buildings (except the occasional tower), but will send the player any excess resources as tribute.


  • Sunda (Malay AoE2 Malay) is the neighbor of Majapahit and located to the west of the player's main base. Their base is small, but well-protected by Watch Towers and Walls. Their army is consisting of Knights, Skirmishers, and occasionally Rams and Mangonels. Contrary to what it says in the hints, they do attack the player unprovoked.
  • Dhamasraya (Khmer AoE2 Khmer) is located further west, dominating the Sumatra Island. Their coastline is protected by Towers. On the land, they have an army of Crossbowmen, Long Swordsmen, and Ballista Elephants. On the sea, they have an army of Galleons and Fast Fire Ships. They will attack player's main base by either sending Transport Ships loaded with their army, or by sending their warships.
  • Tumasik (Malay AoE2 Malay) is the most formidable foe. Their main base is located to the west, in Malay Peninsula, and protected by Walls, Harbors, and Towers, including Bombard Towers. They also have smaller bases at the middle (western part of Borneo) and far west (northern part of Sumatra). Their land units consists of Light Cavalry, Knights, Crossbowmen, Long Swordsmen, and Bombard Cannons. Their naval force on the other hand consists of Galleons, Demolition Ships, and Cannon Galleons. Tumasik will attack player's main base by sending their warships. They will also attack Majapahit Settler's bases in Borneo and Sulawesi by sending Transport Ships loaded with their army.



This scenario finally plays to the Malay's strength, water. The player starts with a small walled base, but few villagers or military units. The islands that are uninhabited at the start will gradually be colonized by the four Majapahit Settlers. As mentioned above, they have no military to defend themselves, but will send any excess resources to the player, so it is imperative to protect them. When one of them is defeated the player should not despair however as they will start other attempts. In this case they might not have enough resources to construct a Town Center, upon which the player has to invest in the colony by sending some tribute themselves. Before doing so, it is advised to research Coinage (and Banking if the player has reached the Imperial Age).

Early defenses[]

Fishing Ships are a great way to support the economy, but the player should retreat them in time before they get under attack by the opponents. The Malay civilization bonuses makes their Fish Traps 33% cheaper and also makes them provide unlimited food (3 times more in the Definitive Edition). It might be a good idea to build a Dock on the eastern shore and Fish Traps under the protection of the tower.

At the beginning of the scenario, it might be better to focus on Fire Ships rather than War Galleys, as a small number of them is better than a small number of Galleys. Important technologies include Bodkin Arrow (to avoid Castles, Towers, and Harbors being outranged by Galleons), Heated Shot (already researched on standard difficulty), and Thalassocracy. Thalassocracy turns Docks into Harbors, which can shoot arrows and make for a substitute tower while not costing any stone.

More resources can be found west of the base, but the player should be careful not to provoke Sunda, as this opens another front and confines the player to their base and left to repel Sunda's attack at the walls.

An important resource is stone which can be found northwest, but is dangerously close to the sea, so it should be protected by a tower.

There is a Relic in the middle of Borneo, and the player can collect it to increase gold income. It is surrounded by mountains, and can be accessed through a narrow path from the south. However, the player has to be careful when sending Monks to pick the Relic, because Tumasik land units are often patrolling near the entrance.

At the beginning most of the colonies cannot really be defended, especially the grey and orange Settlers, but once the strait between Java and Borneo (the northern island) is secured, at least the purple Settlers should be safe, as there is no northern passage around Borneo.

In addition to having at least three working (i.e. having a Market) colonies, the player has to defeat two of the three following enemies:


Being the weakest of the opponents, Sunda should be defeated in any case. Contrary to what it says in the hints, Sunda will attack the player unprovoked and their villagers gather resources on the island of Java, which obviously cannot be gathered anymore by the player once they are defeated, so it is better to defeat them sooner than later. As they start in the Feudal Age, attacking them with Skirmishers and Battle Elephants will be enough.

In the ruins of their city a Castle plus maybe one or two Harbors can be constructed at the very western tip of the island. This controls the strait between Java and Sumatra (Dhamasraya's island), sinking most of Dhamasraya's ships (they do not build Cannon Galleons) and this even prompts them to throw away their Crossbowmen trying to attack the Harbor.


Like mentioned before, the strait between Java and their island can be cut off by defensive buildings. Sumatra is rather large and cannot be attacked solely by water so the player has to make a landing in order to defeat them.


Tumasik's peninsula is better fortified, but can be mostly or even completely attacked by water, so it might be better to choose them as the second target, as the player has to invest in a navy anyway and, as mentioned before, Dhamasraya can be stalled with defensive buildings, whereas Tumasik have Cannon Galleons.

Once their production buildings on the island of Borneo are turned to rubble using Cannon Galleons, the player can land a few soldiers there and clean up the remaining enemy units, allowing the orange and grey Settlers to colonize the island. If the have been expelled too often however, they might not be able to construct the necessary buildings and the player has to send them resources via tribute.

With the support of now four colonies the player should be able to overpower Tumasik. They might not resign if they still have an army somewhere on the colonists' island, in which case the player has so ransack them.

Once two of the three enemies are defeated and at least three colonies have a Market, the player emerges victorious.


Even my closest friends doubted me, but I proved my worth. One by one, our mighty armies and majestic fleets conquered the surrounding islands.

From Bali, the island of the gods, to the old ruins of the Srivijaya Empire... all now answer to the Majapahit Empire, just as I said they would...

Even my closest friends were at first doubtful of my promises but I showed them. One by one, our mighty army and majestic fleets conquered the surrounding territories. From the paradise island of Bali to the old ruins of the Srivijaya Empire. All are now under the control of the Majapahit Empire. Just like I said it would...


  • The Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo, and Sulawesi islands, along with the Malay Peninsula, are shown in this scenario.
    • Bali is not as big in this scenario as it is in real life. This is possibly done to make it easier for allies to build there.
    • While depicted as empty lands that would be settled by the Majapahit settlers in this scenario, Sulawesi, Bali and eastern Borneo were already occupied and wouldn't be conquered until the rule of Hayam Wuruk, as depicted in the following scenario.
  • Dhamasraya is represented by the Khmer, despite being a kingdom based in the Indonesian archipelago. It's to allow the player to not rely fully on a navy, and to give the player a challenge when facing their land units. It is the same case for the following scenario.
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