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The New Atlantis is the campaign in Age of Mythology: The Titans, and continues the story from Fall of the Trident.


Gargarensis, due to displeasure for his ancestor's (Poseidon) behavior with his grandmother Amymone, instead of seeking revenge, decides to plot with Poseidon to become a god, and release Kronos, he fails multiple times, due to Arkantos and his allies' intervention, where he is killed by accident, and the island of Atlantis sinks.


A decade later, a majority of the Atlanteans fled with Krios and Kastor to a new island west of the Norselands. However Kronos is displeased, as he and the rest of the Titans have been forgotten by the Olympian gods, and starts a chain of machinations, to free himself and his brethren.

Kastor, son of Arkantos, is manipulated by Krios into worshiping the Titans instead of the Olympian Gods. Krios is actually possessed by the Servant of Kronos, who is trying to free the Titans from Tartarus.


The campaign consists of twelve scenarios:

  1. A Lost People
  2. Atlantis Reborn
  3. Greetings from Greece
  4. Odin's Tower
  5. The Ancient Relics
  6. Mount Olympus
  7. Betrayal at Sikyos
  8. Cerberus
  9. Rampage
  10. Making Amends
  11. Atlantis Betrayed
  12. War of the Titans