The Lombard League is the fourth scenario of the Barbarossa campaign in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. It is loosely based on Barbarossa's fifth and final Italian campaign (1174-1177) and the punitive campaign against Henry the Lion in Saxony (1180-1181).

Scenario Instructions Edit

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  • Construct a Wonder within the city walls of Venice, Padua, or Verona.

Hints Edit

  • The Lombards have a head start on you, so build defensive structures until you can train an army.

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  • Player (Teutons): The player starts in the southwest with a Town Center which is under heavy attack and is doomed to fall in a matter of minutes. The player's starting units are assembled around the Town Center.

Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Padua (Teutons): Padua has the largest army. They launch an attack at the beginning of the scenario using Trebuchets, Paladins, and Teutonic Knights, among other powerful units. Their fortified city is in the northern corner of the map. They also have a minor encampment consisting of stables and towers in the south, just west of the player's starting position.
  • Venice (Byzantines): Venice is situated in the center of the map, with a large fortress on the mainland, with a Castle and large army on an island offshore. They have the largest navy on the map. They produce naval units and Bombard Cannons.
  • Verona (Franks): Verona inhabits a small fortified city in the northwest. They train Knights (which they will eventually upgrade to Cavaliers and Paladins if the game progresses long enough), Hand Cannoneers, Monks, and Heavy Scorpions. They are the only faction in the scenario that does not have a Castle.

Strategy Edit

Remember to sail east on the transports to get a navy and additional units. There are two viable areas to build your town; the area immediately south of your old town and another area across the ocean to the northeast, close to Padua. The northeast area is a good choice if you wish to build a Castle, since it is awkward for Henry The Lion to attack you there. Be sure to reorder your boats so they sail directly there and don't get hit by the Venitian towers to either side of the journey. Padua will be occupied with your old walls for some time so will not immediately be aggressive; you will have time to build a town. Build your town northwards, behind the patch of trees and towards the edge of the map, to avoid the Venitian navy which can be quite aggressive. A good place to build your castle is in front of the left set of shallows; this places it close enough to Padua to defend you across the river, and forces ships to sail up the river to attack the castle, meaning they come into range. Be sure to research your unique technology to give your castle more range, it will make things easier. Good unit choices are Halberdiers to counter the Paduan cavalry and some Cavaliers of your own to take care of any of Henry's Teutonic Knights or Paduan Trebuchets. Punch away at the Paduan walls with some Trebuchets, with your units in front of them to defend; your castle and units should defeat them easily and drain them of resources. Edge forward until you have destroyed their town, then build the wonder there. Defending it not necessary as you win as soon as construction of the Wonder is completed.

Additionally, the level can be beaten in 20 minutes by following this strategy:

Age of Empires 2 - Barbarroja, Misión 4

Age of Empires 2 - Barbarroja, Misión 4

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Historical comparison Edit

  • In addition to the northern Italian cities and the Papacy, the Lombard League was joined by the Kingdom of Sicily and the Byzantine Empire.
  • The battle that begins the scenario is likely a reference to the Battle of Alessandria (1175), a defeat for Barbarossa considered shocking at the time, although it happened in Piedmont rather than Veneto.
  • The Italian campaign was a defeat for Barbarossa, who was crushed again at Legnano on May 29, 1176, and had to recognize Alexander III as Pope.
  • Instead of allying with the Lombard League and trying to usurp Barbarossa's throne, Henry the Lion just refused to provide troops unless given the city of Goslar, which was in turn denied by Barbarossa, and was a convenient scapegoat for Barbarossa's failure.
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