The Hautevilles is a campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Lords of the West. It is based on the exploits of the Hauteville dynasty (Italian: Altavilla), a Norman royal dynasty who rose to prominence after conquering southern Italy and establishing the Kingdom of Sicily as one of the most tolerant and progressive states in Europe at the time, as well as their participation in the First Crusade. The Hautevilles ruled until the late-12th century, after which the Kingdom of Sicily fell into the Germanic Hohenstaufen rule.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

Robert de Hauteville left Normandy in 1047 CE with a small robber band. Within a century, members of his family became dukes in Italy, princes in the Holy Land, and even kings of Sicily. Join these intrepid Norman adventurers as they fuse three cultures into Europe’s most tolerant and sophisticated kingdom.
—In-game campaign description

The Hautevilles campaign consists of 5 scenarios. The player plays as the Sicilians, and the player color is blue. This campaign is narrated by an unnamed Sicilian who works as the tutor of young Frederick Roger II, the "stupor mundi".

The Hautevilles campaign map

  1. Guiscard Arrives
  2. Roger in Sicily
  3. Bohemond and the Emperor
  4. Bohemond in the East
  5. Wonder of the World
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