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This article is about the scenario in the Definitive Edition. For the scenario in the original game, see The Great Hunt.
Karun River near Susa, 1120 BCE

The glory of Babylon has been restored by the reconquest of the lands formerly lost to the Elamites, and by ejecting the foreign Kassite rulers from our territories. However, King Nebuchadnezzar I vows that taking back former Babylonian land is not enough. The Elamites must feel his wrath in their homeland. Nebuchadnezzar I has ordered to attack Susa, the capital of the Elamites, just across the Karun river. In one of their previous raids, the Elamites carted off a golden statue of the most important god of the Babylonians; Marduk. Your task is to recapture it to strengthen Nebuchadnezzar's legitimacy back home. Peoples long oppressed by the Elamites will give you aid in your quest if you can locate them.
—In-game campaign description

The Great Hunt is the fifth scenario of the Voices of Babylon campaign, a reworked version in the Definitive Edition of the map of the same name. The goal is to make the way across the map to find an Artifact.

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]



  • The long road ahead is paved with many obstacles. Sometimes it is better to race through a hotspot than to stand and fight.
  • Gather as many allies as you can along your way—you will need them in the end.
  • Landing an army near Susa is a daunting task. Use the shallows around the city to land priests and catapults in range of the city's defenses and destroy them from a distance.
  • On your way, you will have the chance to obtain a few villagers. Use them to build up your force before attacking the city of Susa.



  • Player (Babylonians): The player starts with a band of Composite Bowman in the search of the Artifact, starting at the west corner of the map.


  • Elamites (Assyrians): Guard the northern part of the starting island. Have an army of the Catapult line, Horse Archers and Elephant Archers. Also have a token force of War Galleys. Have multiple Sentry/Guard Towers and Fortified Walls. Have no economy.
  • Susa (Persians): Guard the artifact on the northern island. Have a token navy, and a lot of advanced siege units along with towers. Have no economy.


  • Elamites (Persians): A Tool Age force guarding the starting part of the map. They mainly utilize Axemen and Watch Towers. They do have a small wood economy.


Run through the red territory. Do not bother to engage until collecting the Gaia cavalry. Now go back, use cavalry on the red towers and archers on everything else. Take the fork in the road and get the Temple. Make some Priests and now engage yellow, tank the towers with cavalry and convert some Elephant Archers. Run past the Sentry Towers and collect the Stone Thrower. Go west and lift the Tower along with the force guarding it. Collect Gaia Villagers. Build up while producing some siege and Chariots. Wear down the yellow defense. Switch to navy and amass a very large fleet (as the player does not have access to the Catapult Trireme and cannot outrange the enemy fortification). Wear down the Susa coast defence and transport some troops to take the Artifact hidden in the north corner of the Government Center.

Alternatively, transport some siege onto the shallow and lift the enemy fortification with them. Beware of enemy siege.

Historical notes[]

With the Kassite dynasty overthrown, Marduk-kabit-ahheshu established what came to be known as the second dynasty of Isin in the 12th century BCE. However, this did not end hostilities with Babylon's Assyrian and Elamite neighbors, and Marduk-kabit-ahheshu waged wars against them to strengthen his new dynasty. Because of these early hostilities, his successors often needed to continue the fighting to maintain control over Babylonia, thus perpetuating hostilities between the three empires for decades. The most famous king of them all, Nebuchadnezzar I, fought such a campaign against Elam. The Elamites had conquered and ravaged a large part of Babylonia and were threatening the fragile city-state. A first attack on Elam failed due to an epidemic among Nebuchadnezzar's troops, but in a later campaign the Babylonian monarch succeeded in conquering and pillaging Susa, the capital of Elam.
—In-game section


You have sacked Susa and defeated the Elamites, a magnificent achievement that will be remembered for ages. Now, all that remains for you to do is safely return the statue of Marduk to Babylon, along with the loot that we took from Susa.
—In-game section


Your expedition into the Elamite homeland has ended catastrophically. With our army destroyed and our most holy artifact in the hands of our enemies, the people of Babylonia have lost faith in their king. In turn, Nebuchadnezzar has lost his faith in you, and he intends roll strap you to a ballista bolt the next time the Elamites besiege our cities. Maybe then you can be of some use after all.


In the Definitive Edition, the scenario features a reduced number of enemy teams, and some Villagers, allowing the player to build up and finish the enemy at their own pace.