This article is about the god power in the handheld video game. For the campaign scenario in the PC game, see The Great Hunt.
Begin the Great Hunt! Call upon the bravest to serve Asgard! The All-Father watches with pride over you this day.
Odin upon casting The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt is a Norse god power in Age of Empires: Mythologies available to worshipers of Odin. It increases hero, Ulfsark, and Huskarl attack by 40% and movement by 1. The Great Hunt last for three turns.

Strategy Edit

The Great Hunt is essentially the opposite of Poseidon's Cursed Voyage as it affects the player's own units and makes them stronger rather than weaker. As it is also available as early as Age I, it has many uses. In the earliest stages of the game, Ulfsarks are the most important soldiers available to the Norse as they are needed to construct buildings and to fight in the first battles. If The Great Hunt is cast early on, it enables Ulfsarks to scout slightly better (although Odin's ravens should remain the primary means of scouting until they are killed) and to reach enemy soldiers that may have been otherwise one tile too far away and deal greater damage to them. Heroes in the meantime can kill rogue myth units found on skirmish or multiplayer maps more quickly in order to obtain the relic they hide.

The Great Hunt becomes more effective starting in Age II when players can also train Huskarls who also benefit from this god power. Whenever players are faced against a large army, especially one that includes myth units, they can cast this god power to shift the balance of power into their favor. Once they have plowed through, they can make the most of the remaining time to send their armies forward towards they enemy base at a faster rate and maybe even start destroying buildings.

For battles that are anticipated to drag on as late as Age III, players can also worship Tyr and Heimdall to stack their researches with The Great Hunt, increasing the attack of their soldiers to phenomenal levels.

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