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The Golden Gift is a campaign in Age of Mythology that was originally made available as a free download on the official website for the game. It has since been included in Age of Mythology: Extended Edition. The campaign follows the adventures of Brokk and Eitri, the dwarves who appeared in the Fall of the Trident campaign. The plot unfolds with both dwarves planning to create a giant golden boar as an offering to the Norse God Freyr.

Brokk is approached by the old man Skult (also from the Fall of the Trident campaign) who tells him that Eitri is making preparations to create the boar without his brother. Shortly afterwards, Eitri is told the same about Brokk. Both brothers race to complete the boar in the great forge, before Skult arrives to reveal that he is actually Loki, and steals it.

The brothers unite to assault the base and the boar is retrieved, and then successfully offered to Freyr.

Scenarios Edit

Scenario icon 1. Brokk's Journey
Brokk and his dwarves travel to the Dwarven Mines.
Scenario icon 2. Eitri's Journey
Eitri and his dwarves travel to the Dwarven Mines.
Scenario icon 3. Fight at the Forge
Who will be the first to build the Golden Boar?
Cinema icon Fooled
Brokk and Eitri have been fooled by Loki!
Scenario icon 4. Loki's Temples
The dwarven brothers realize they've been tricked, and take the fight to Loki's lands.
Cinema icon Return of the Boar
Brokk and Eitri return home, triumphant, and offer the Boar to Freyr.