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This article is about the scenario. For the structure, see The Fountain of Youth.

Morgan, Lizzie and Sahin press on to the Lake of the Moon. Has Alain betrayed the Knights of St. John?

The Fountain of Youth? is the eighth scenario of Act I: Blood in Age of Empires III. In the scenario, Morgan, Sahin, and Lizzie caught up with Alain in the Lake of the Moon.


The map's minimap, revealed.



  • The Circle (The Circle) - This is the main opponent with Alain Magnan, starting with numerous elite boneguard units, a powerful navy and fairly built up main base on the northern shore of the Lake of the Moon.
  • The Circle (The Circle) - This is the circle's secondary base on the southern and eastern shore, it's less militarized and starts walled off. Most of their buildings are within firing range of the Fixed Gun and it's a secondary objective to eliminate their Town Center.


Primary objectives[]

Secondary objectives[]


There are 9 treasures scattered about many of which are clustered near the Seminole village in the west.


This level revolves around maintaining control over the immense power of the Fixed Gun near the player's starting position. The starting army should be more than sufficient to wrest control away from the enemy immediately by destroying all the enemy soldiers surrounding it. Begin to build up a base defensively - taking care to muster a significant army at all times to repel the constant waves of attacks by ground and sea. The player also starts with enough resources to build a few galleons to help the naval defense early. The Fixed Gun can be manually controlled to help against these waves, but it is most recommended to use it against enemy ships, due to the slow rate of fire.

Ignore the recommended advice of building Fire Ships - instead, play defensively. The player should build several Galleons and as many Mortars as they can afford. While building up, the player may want to use these to achieve the secondary objective of destroying the base in the east.

Once the player has a sizable number of Mortars and is ready to move out, there is a small island just to the east of the fountain that can be cleared with the Fixed Gun - transport the full set of Mortars onto this island and target the fountain, using the navy and the Fixed Gun to keep them safe. The Mortars deal massive damage per shot and will make short work of the fountain, ending the scenario swiftly.


  • This is the first (and last) time Sahin makes a physical appearance in-game.
  • If in this scenario you can break the waves of enemies and attack the Circle of Ossus Fort on the other side of the lake, then every time you weaken the Town Center, it invokes magically an army of Uhlans and Doppelsoldners.
  • The fleet of the Circle of Ossus has a spawn point for two Caravels and a Galleon on the top of the lake, to the left and near the Dock of the Circle that cannot be destroyed and is infinite. It is possible to stop that point from spawning ships if you put a boat or several ships in it.
  • The revealed mini map shows that Lake of the Moon is shaped like a moon. It's an easter egg that went unnoticed by most of the players.
  • There are fish called Possibly Immortal Bass that can be gathered in the Lake of the Moon.