The Field of Blood is the second scenario of the Pachacuti campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Intro Edit

When the old man had begun his story, the hut had been flooded by sunlight. The golden disk had long since sunk below the horizon, and the light of the embers dancing around in the darkness only faintly illuminated his wrinkled face. He refilled his clay mug and then continued the story.

'Viracocha believed that his reign was sacred and that he was protected by divine providence. However, the gods had turned away from him towards a new favorite: a wild, young warlord named Anccu Hualloc. He hailed from the Chanca tribes and had recruited more than 40,000 warriors, with whom he marched on Cuzco!'

'The inhabitants were sure that their beloved ruler would remain and drive out the invaders. Sadly, Viracocha had grown old and fear had infected his heart. Together with Urqu, his favorite son, he fled, abandoning his people to their fate.'

'Not all of Viracocha's sons were as cowardly as their father. Cusi Yupanqui refused to follow his aged father, and instead took command of the defense. Full of confidence, he announced that he would defeat the Chanca army. However, the few soldiers remaining in the city could not be impressed by bold words, as Cusi Yupanqui had no military experience to justify his claim. Luckily, Vicaquirao and Apo Mayta had also remained in Cuzco...'

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  • Defeat Anccu Hualloc's army, which is marching on Cuzco.
  • Cusi Yupanqui must survive.

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