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The Field of Blood is the second scenario of the Pachacuti campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.


When the old man had begun his story, the hut had been flooded by sunlight. The golden disk had long since sunk below the horizon, and the light of the embers dancing around in the darkness only faintly illuminated his wrinkled face. He refilled his clay mug and then continued the story.

'Viracocha believed that his reign was sacred and that he was protected by divine providence. However, the gods had turned away from him towards a new favorite: a wild, young warlord named Anccu Hualloc. He hailed from the Chanca tribes and had recruited more than 40,000 warriors, with whom he marched on Cuzco!'

'The inhabitants were sure that their beloved ruler would remain and drive out the invaders. Sadly, Viracocha had grown old and fear had infected his heart. Together with Urqu, his favorite son, he fled, abandoning his people to their fate.'

'Not all of Viracocha's sons were as cowardly as their father. Cusi Yupanqui refused to follow his aged father, and instead took command of the defense. Full of confidence, he announced that he would defeat the Chanca army. However, the few soldiers remaining in the city could not be impressed by bold words, as Cusi Yupanqui had no military experience to justify his claim. Luckily, Vicaquirao and Apo Mayta had also remained in Cuzco...'

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]

Differences between difficulty levels[]

  • On Standard, a Relic will spawn to the east, near the Market. The player also starts with Fletching, Forging, Scale Mail Armor, and Ballistics researched.
  • On Hard, there will be less stone mines in the player's base.

Main objectives[]

  • Defeat Anccu Hualloc's army, which is marching on Cuzco.
  • Wait for new instructions.
  • Defend Cuzco against the Chanca until the Temple of the Sun (Wonder) is rebuilt.
  • At least one of the construction workers who are commissioned to rebuild the Temple of the Sun must survive.
  • Cusi Yupanqui must survive.

Secondary objectives[]

  • Protect the Cana.
  • Protect the Canchi.


  1. You are restricted to a population of 150.
  2. The Chanca camps are virtually impenetrable. Although you can slow your enemies down by a direct assault, that is not the path to victory.
  3. Cuzco is partially protected by rivers. It could be of advantage to secure fords with walls and gates.
  4. The Inca can't build docks or war vessels to protect their city for Cuzco is located in the highlands.
  5. Your allies will provide you with food and lumber as long as you protect them from the Chanca invaders.


Your scouts report:

  • The Inca army (1, Cyan) has assembled in the West of Cuzco to face the Chanca forces.
  • Cuzco (2, Blue), the Inca capital, is located to the northeast. The city is not very fortified yet and therefore could easily be taken by the Chanca. An enemy commando operation has already succeeded in destroying the Temple of the Sun, the town's landmark.
  • The Chanca (6, Red) have built a circumvallation around Cuzco and will soon attempt to take the city by assault. Their army consists of Archers, Slingers, Eagle Warriors, swordsmen and Skirmishers. It is very likely that they will also make use of siege weapons, such as rams and Mangonels.
  • The elite of the Chanca warriors (8, Purple) is led by Anccu Hualloc himself, whose main camp is in the south. Anccu Hualloc will send Kamayuks, Slingers and especially Onagers and Capped Rams into battle. It might be that he will also decree the deployment of Trebuchets.
  • The tribes of Cana (3, Orange) and Canchi (4, Green) are allies of the Inca. They barely have soldiers, but they will try to support the defenders of Cuzco by supplying them with resources. If attacked, they will need your support, as neither the Cana nor the Canchi will have the ghost of a chance against the Chanca forces.



  • Player (Incas): The player starts with a few units and a Mangonel. Their initial objective is to defend the bridge to Cuzco. Later, they will take control over Cuzco and defend the Temple of the Sun.


  • Cuzco (Incas): Cuzco is a massive city to the north. They are overall passive and will start building the Temple of the Sun once the player takes control over the city.
  • Cana (Incas): Cana is a small village near the middle. They will send the player extra resources as long as they don't resign. They will defend themselves with Skirmishers and Eagle Scouts.
  • Canchi (Incas): Canchi is another small village to the southeast. They will also provide the player with extra resources until they resign. They mainly train Archers and Men-at-Arms for defense.
  • Viracocha (Incas): Viracocha has several Kamayuks and two heroes in Cuzco. They merely serve as a side character.


  • Chanca (Incas): Chanca consists of two AI players, one to the west and another to the east. Both have a well-fortified camp and will attack with Crossbowmen, Elite Skirmishers, Slingers, Long Swordsmen, Eagle Scouts, Mangonels, and Battering Rams.
  • Anccu Hualloc (Incas): Anccu Hualloc has a stronghold to the south. They will first attack the player's initial army with Crossbowmen, Elite Skirmishers, Slingers, and Jaguar Warriors. Later, they will attack Cuzco by adding Kamayuks, Capped Rams, and Mangonels to their army. Once the Temple of the Sun is complete, they will start building Trebuchets and other advanced units.


Fail the initial battle quickly, after which the player will take over the defense of the city of Cuzco.

Wall up all entries to the city, ideally with double stone walls as soon as possible, while the enemy is taking time to defeat the player's two allies. While the walls are being built, boom with three Town Centers, start to mine the limited stone supply, and get to Imperial Age as soon as possible. Once there, research Fortified Wall and all other defense technologies.

Build various Castles close to the Temple of the Sun next to the walls. Garrison each Castle with 20 Crossbowmen. Fully garrisoned Castles with all archer upgrades and Chemistry can take out enemy rams with several rounds of shots. Keep fixing the walls or add more layers of walls as enemy takes down front layers of walls. If the west or east part of the city are about to be breached (the player may not have enough stone to build Castles there), consider walling them off and enemies will refocus on the central front.

Once the Temple of the Sun is complete, Trebuchets will start to come in. Build a small pack of Trebuchets with Siege Engineers to fire back. As long as the Temple of the Sun does not collapse in 200 years, the player will win.

Note: the achievement "Pitched Battle" can be earned by winning the scenario without constructing any new walls or gates. Establishing a Castle at these chokepoints can prove helpful, especially if the player has infantry or Mangonels to defend against rams.


I was captivated by the words of the old man. When he had finished, I exclaimed: 'So, that is why this area is called Yawarpampa, the Field of Blood!' His eyes sparkled.

'Yes, the ground on which my hut stands today was watered by the blood of the Chanca. Cusi Yupanqui, with the help of his generals, had accomplished the impossible: Cuzco had been saved from an overwhelming superior force.'

'The name of Cusi Yupanqui soon fell into oblivion, but only because the people that he had saved from the Chanca invasion began to call their savior Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, 'he who overturns space and time.' Now, there were also those who wished immediately to rid themselves of the victorious hero. His own family, driven by jealousy, began to conspire against him.'