The Falcon's Nest is the fourth scenario of the Pachacuti campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Scenario instructions Edit

Starting conditions Edit

Main objectives Edit

  • Wait until your armies gather.
  • Destroy 4 Huaman Karpa castles.
  • Defeat Andahuaylas or Abancay.
  • Kill Anccu Hualloc.
  • Send a military unit to the collas.
  • Send 8 villagers to the priests.

Hints Edit

  1. You are restricted to a population of 160.
  2. Several rivers cross this area, so it could be a good idea to train warships.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Player (Incas) - Starts in two parts of the map, the south and the east. Initially begins with some Villagers, Eagle Warriors, Crossbowmen and Slingers.

Enemy =Edit

  • Huaman Karpa (Incas) - Has a heavily defended base in the northern part of the map and will frequently attack with Rams, Trebuchets, Pikemen and Crossbowmen.
  • Andahuaylas (Incas) - Has a base in the western part of the map and will frequently attack with Slingers, Skirmishers, and Pikemen. The Andahuaylas will also be especially adverserial in the water, as they frequently make War Galleys and Demolition Ships.
  • Abancay (Incas) - Has a heavily defended base in the middle of the map, between Huaman Karpa and the Anccu Hualloc Army faction. Will frequently attack with Crossbowmen, Rams, Scorpions, Elite Skirmishers, Kamayuks and Pikemen.
  • Anccu Hualloc Army (Incas) - Has a moderately sized and defended base consisting of a castle, some towers and a garrison of Jaguar Warriors, Long Swordsmen, Crossbowmen and Elite Skirmishers. Seldom attacks the player and often used to protect Anccu Hualloc.
  • Anccu Hualloc (Incas) - Only consists of a few units, including the Anccu Hualloc hero unit. Destruction of this faction will lead to an almost immediate defeat of the Anccu Hualloc Army faction.

Neutral → Ally (Dependent) Edit

  • Collas (Incas) - Consists of some units including Jaguar Warriors and some Rams. The faction serves as the "reinforcements" for the player, which would later turn to the player's control if a unit is sent to meet the faction.
  • Priests (Incas) - Consists of a small encampment including some priests and a temple holding 2 Relics. The faction do not actively attack the player and is willing to help if 8 Villagers have been sent to their temple, which would then award players with the priests in their temple base and 2 Relics.

Strategy Edit

Build up the base from both south and east of the map - note that the two regions are unconnected until the player defeats Anccu Hualloc.

The player can completely wall off the east base by building three sections of walls near the river, and a fourth section right in front of Anccu Hualloc's gate. The player can also wall off the west river with 3 sections of walls. Abancay and Andahuaylas will send their troops through Anccu Hualloc's base to attack the player in that case, and a single Castle next to the lake with Relic can defend all the incoming attacks.

Boom the economy and build up the army, including a decent navy - and sweep through everything.

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