The Falcon's Nest is the fourth scenario of the Pachacuti campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Scenario instructions[edit | edit source]

Starting conditions[edit | edit source]

Main objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Wait until your armies gather.
  • Destroy 4 Huaman Karpa castles.
  • Defeat Andahuaylas or Abancay.
  • Kill Anccu Hualloc.
  • Send a military unit to the collas.
  • Send 8 villagers to the priests.

Hints[edit | edit source]

  1. You are restricted to a population of 160.
  2. Several rivers cross this area, so it could be a good idea to train warships.

Players[edit | edit source]

Player[edit | edit source]

  • Player (Incas) - Starts in two parts of the map, the south and the east. Initially begins with some Villagers, Eagle Warriors, Crossbowmen and Slingers.

Enemy =[edit | edit source]

  • Huaman Karpa (Incas) - Has a heavily defended base in the northern part of the map and will frequently attack with Rams, Trebuchets, Pikemen and Crossbowmen.
  • Andahuaylas (Incas) - Has a base in the western part of the map and will frequently attack with Slingers, Skirmishers, and Pikemen. The Andahuaylas will also be especially adverserial in the water, as they frequently make War Galleys and Demolition Ships.
  • Abancay (Incas) - Has a heavily defended base in the middle of the map, between Huaman Karpa and the Anccu Hualloc Army faction. Will frequently attack with Crossbowmen, Rams, Scorpions, Elite Skirmishers, Kamayuks and Pikemen.
  • Anccu Hualloc Army (Incas) - Has a moderately sized and defended base consisting of a castle, some towers and a garrison of Jaguar Warriors, Long Swordsmen, Crossbowmen and Elite Skirmishers. Seldom attacks the player and often used to protect Anccu Hualloc.
  • Anccu Hualloc (Incas) - Only consists of a few units, including the Anccu Hualloc hero unit. Destruction of this faction will lead to an almost immediate defeat of the Anccu Hualloc Army faction.

Neutral → Ally (Dependent)[edit | edit source]

  • Collas (Incas) - Consists of some units including Jaguar Warriors and some Rams. The faction serves as the "reinforcements" for the player, which would later turn to the player's control if a unit is sent to meet the faction.
  • Priests (Incas) - Consists of a small encampment including some priests and a temple holding 2 Relics. The faction do not actively attack the player and is willing to help if 8 Villagers have been sent to their temple, which would then award players with the priests in their temple base and 2 Relics.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Build up the base from both south and east of the map - note that the two regions are unconnected until the player defeats Anccu Hualloc. A strong start here is essential. At each base, set two Villagers to complete the huts and two Villagers to build the Town Center. Afterwards, immediately build a Monastery and have each train two Monks. While doing this, scout the map to find two Relics near the southern base and a priest convent that will join the player if they donate 8 Villagers. The player will need to defend the two Relics while the Monks get there quickly. 

After the Monasteries are complete, build one Castle at each base. The player will be attacked by small armies that shouldn't be much of a threat against a Castle until late-game when they start building Trebuchets. After the Castles are done, send 8 Villagers from the northeastern base to the priests to get 9 priest units (can't carry Relics or convert) as well as two Relics. Send the two Monks to get these two Relics, bringing the total to four. 

With a Castle (maybe garrisoned with archers?) defending each base, the player should have a pretty solid defense. Once the population is almost capped, posture to attack the central enemy and send one unit to trigger Calla to attack the central base. Once the player destroys the castle, Anccu should appear, and if the player kills him, the entire base will surrender - so prioritize this, doing it quickly will minimize losses. 

With one enemy down and a very strong economy, it should only be a matter of time at this point. Destroy the central gates and use the remaining walls to create a forward base while assaulting the two remaining northern enemies. Keep producing units to win.

Note: as soon as the player builds a ship, Andahuaylas will double down on their navy. So do this with caution. Perhaps defend the river with a few towers which their navy is ill-equipped to deal with. 

For Hard[edit | edit source]

Aggressive is by far the easiest strategy when set up properly. In the south base, leave 2 Villagers, build a Monastery and the pavilions, and move to build a Town Center once these are done. Take the Eagle Scouts and split them into two groups, each on defensive stance, and place each group on one of the two Relics in that half of the map.

Take the rest of the troops (archers) and the other two Villagers and go to Andahuaylas' base to the west, and build a Castle in front of their Gate behind the forward Lumber Camp. The archers should be able to pick off any troops coming to disrupt the Villagers building. When the Castle goes up, garrison all archers. Andahuaylas is now suppressed for good. Create a Monk or two and gather up the Relics, then send the eagles to join the Castle. At the same time, in the eastern base, set two Villagers to build the pavilions and then a Town Center. Take the other two villagers and the eastern army (Kamayuks and Skirmishers) and take them just outside of Abancay's base in the northeast. Build a Blacksmith and research Bracer (optional but highly recommended).

Because Abancay relies heavily on pikemen, build a Castle on the road in front of his gate, outside of the tower's range so he does not attack before the Castle goes up. Once the Castle goes up, garrison the Skirmishers. If Abancay ever stops attacking, shoot the wall with the Castle and troops will come rushing out. Focus on the Mangonels first, then wipe his stream of units out and keep him suppressed by attacking him and wiping out any troops he has. Around 15 - 16 minutes, Huaman Karpa will send a medium army of Kamayuks and archers to one of the player's Castles (it appears if the player has both Castles up, he will go to Andahuaylas' side). Use the Castle to wipe them out.

At this point, the player should have a decent economy from the two Town Centers. Build a few Trebuchets on each side, and use the melee troops keep them guarded while the player wipes out Abancay and Andahuaylas. Abancay seems to need only his Town Center destroyed, while Andahuaylas needs his Castle destroyed as well. Both should fall easily with the help of the Castles as backup. Anccu Hualloc Army will not send troops out. Then it is a simple 1v1 against Huaman Karpa. Be careful that around the 36 minute mark Huaman Karpa will send another attack, this time with Trebuchets and Siege Rams. Just creating some Kamayuks on the spot will be able to clear them while the Castle kills any other units.

Giving 8 Villagers to the Priests will give the player control over the Priests and 2 Relics.

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