The Exile of the Cid is the third scenario in the El Cid campaign in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. This scenario is also based on El Cid's service under the Taifa of Zaragoza.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Starting Conditions Edit

* Easy difficulty only

Objectives Edit

  • El Cid must survive.
  • El Cid must find a new city in which to live and a new lord to serve.
    • Join Motamid of the Moors at his Castle in Zaragoza.
    • Destroy Alfonso's Castle, so that you may continue on to Zaragoza.
    • Defend Zaragoza by destroying Count Berenguer's Siege Workshop nearby.
    • Defeat Count Berenguer.

Hints Edit

  1. El Cid no longer leads a Spanish army, so become familiar with the Saracen technology tree.
  2. Know when to fight and when to run away. You may need to destroy walls that block your path, but only if there is no alternative.
  3. El Cid does not view Alfonso as an enemy so much as misguided. As such, you should not destroy anything of Alfonso's unless you are forced.

Scouts Edit

  • Your scouts report: El Cid (red) starts alone in exile. Do not fear, for you will soon find recruits to your cause. You will have little in the way of an economy until you meet up with an old friend.
  • King Alfonso (blue) is your enemy, but he is more of an annoyance than a threat. The real enemy is Count Berenguer of Barcelona (purple). He will send swordsmen, Knights, Scorpions, and Battering Rams your way.
  • Motamid the Moor (green) is a potential ally as are any other Moors you may encounter.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Player (Saracens): The player starts with El Cid only in King Alfonso's Army's fort in the west.

Allies Edit

  • Motamid (Saracens): Motamid controls Zaragoza, located in the center of the map. El Cid must visit the Castle there before fighting Berenguer.
  • King Alfonso's Army (Spanish): King Alfonso's Army has a fort in the very west as well as a fortified outpost southwest of Zaragoza. He also has some troops in the mountains east of his fort. Once El Cid collects his horse Bavieca, the Army changes their diplomatic stance to the Cid to enemy. Destroying the Castle at the outpost southwest of Zaragoza causes them to ally with the Cid again.

Enemy Edit

  • Berenguer (Spanish): Count Berenguer has his base at the north of the map, as well as an army camp northeast of Zaragoza and an outpost that guards the bridge outside of Zaragoza. After the Cid meets Motamid in Zaragoza, he is required to destroy the Siege Workshop outside Zaragoza's walls before defeating Berenguer.

Overview Edit

King Alfonso exiles El Cid to the Moorish lands out of jealousy. At first El Cid must collect his horse before setting off and having Alfonso change his diplomacy and attack but becomes your ally again after destroying his castle. You then gain Knights, Pikemen and Camels. During this scenario, El Cid befriends the Moorish prince Motamid (green/Saracens), and together they must defeat the Spanish Count Berenguer (purple/Spanish). In this scenario, El Cid controls a Saracen army.

Strategy Edit

The player starts possessing only the El Cid unit. As they reach the gate to the east of the starting position, they must go to the Stable) to ride Babieca. Alfonso will start attacking when they reach the towers along the west map border. Lure the two Long Swordsmen out of the tower range to fight them.

After this, the player may spot two Knights and six Pikemen beside a Mill that turn sides and aid El Cid.

In the southwest area of the map lie some mountains. Further east, two Scorpions and several Longswordsmen are awaiting for El Cid to move across, ignore these, and approach four Gaia-controlled Camel units to gain access to their use.

Towards the north from that point lie two towers. Then, a dialogue is triggered telling the player that the correct way is to the south. Moving southeast from that point, they will come up to a Castle and several units belonging to Alfonso, triggering another dialogue telling the player that this a Castle blocking the way to Zaragoza.

Attack this position to lure out the enemy units. Take them out and then go south, where a Gaia-controlled base, including a Siege Workshop, will provide gold, food and wood to construct siege weapons, or reinforce the army. The player is also provided with a Trebuchet, that can be used to take down the Castle.

After taking down the Castle, Alfonso will change his diplomatic stance to "ally". As the player moves into Zaragoza, they will request help for taking out the siege weapons outside their walls, including a Siege Workshop. As soon as it is destroyed, the player is provided with four Villagers and the remaining mounted units inside the Zaragoza walls, to start building a base, preferably to the north, just outside Zaragoza, where certain resources lie (such as some Stone).

To the far north lies the Berenguer base, from where military units might harrass the player as they build up a base but with the units they are already provided, the enemy units should not pose much trouble.

As soon as the player is ready, prepare to siege Berenguer's fortress. Begin by scouting the perimeter, using either El Cid Campeador or other cavalry. Find a way to breach the eastern gate using siege weapons and fight the foot units with cavalrymen and Cavalry Archers and the knights with Camels (but beware of base defences), and move along the edge of the map to avoid the field fortifications.

As soon as the Town Center is destroyed and any Villagers are killed, the player will be awarded with victory.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player chooses to destroy Berenguer's castle in order to get up to Motamid and never gets near to Alfonso's castle (so there is never an alliance) when Berenguer loses, so will do Alfonso, losing his obstructive castle along with his base.
  • This is the only El Cid scenario that King Alfonso's Army appears in where King Alfonso himself doesn't.
  • One of Alfonso's guards refers to Bavieca as female, despite being commonly thought of as male.

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