The Dragon Spreads His Wings is the first scenario of the Dracula campaign in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten.

Intro[edit | edit source]

We could not make camp in the damp forest glade, so I led my companions along an old path towards the base of the mountain. It was overgrown with all manner of foliage, and the footing was difficult. Armor and weapons littered the path, and stakes stood tall, covered with vines and moss.

Glancing around, I spotted a magnificent blade. Light yet firm and unblemished by the elements, it shone in the rain and lightning, a lone light in the darkening trail. The hilt was fashioned from steel, inlaid with silver and gold to form the figure of a defiant, wingless dragon.

As we reached the summit, I could not believe my eyes. A ruined yet imposing castle loomed above us. Quietly rejoicing, my comrades moved towards their new camp. Then we heard the howls. Two massive wolves bounded out of the door of the castle towards my soldiers.

Fearing for their lives, they drew weapons, only to hear a voice from the shadows address the wolves--or the men--in a thick Wallachian accent. "Stand down, fellows!" Throwing large slabs of meat to the ravenous wolves, he calmed them and satiated their hunger.

Then he turned to us. "Welcome to Poenari Castle, the ancient stronghold of the Draculesti." The mysterious man raised his hands in a gesture of welcome. "It is well that your path has led you here. Come inside, sit by the fire, and feast while I tell you the tale of Vlad Dracula."

Scenario instructions[edit | edit source]

Starting conditions[edit | edit source]

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Vlad Dracula must survive.
  • Bring Vlad Dracula to the local voivods to convince them to join you against Vladislav II.
    • Find a way to destroy the bridge near Istvan's camp.
      • Destroy Vladislav's tower near the bridge.
    • Defeat the army attacking Mircea's camp.
      • Prevent Voivod Mircea from being wounded (killed), if you can.
    • Reconquer Jakub's settlement from Vladislav II.
  • Tear down Vladislav's military camp and slay all defenders.

  • Dracula must survive.
  • Bring Dracula to Sultan Murad II at his castle of Edirne and select the sultan to speak with him.
  • Board the ship at the Edirne docks.
  • Bring Dracula to the chieftain of the Wallachian village (marked on the map to the norhtwest) and select the chieftain to speak with him.
  • Travel to Voivod Jakub's castle and speak to him. (4.1: Liberate the town to the south by destroying the military tower there and killing the Danesti general. Then return to Jakub.)
  • Seek out Voivod Danislav. (5.1: Travel to Danislav's city (marked on the map to the northwest) and liberate it by destroying all the miliary buildings there (barracks, archery range, stable and blacksmith) and killing all enemy troops. Then return to Danislav.)
  • Seek Voivod Istvan in his city to the far north. (6.1 In 3 minutes, Vladislav II will attack Istvan's city. Defeat the attacking forces and then raze his military camp to the southeast to the ground. Then return to Istvan.)
  • Defeat Vladislav II's army.
  • Sail east to Moldova and disembark at their harbor. Garrison all four lords in the castle and speak to its lord.

Hints[edit | edit source]

  1. Wallachia is a dense and mountainous region. Use your ranged units well, but beware those of your enemies.
  2. The local voivods and their troops are a means to an end. Be frugal, but do not despair if some fall in battle.
  3. Keep an eye out for Wallachian partisans that are willing to join your army.
  4. Demolition ships are deadly to anything too close to the shoreline. Deleting them when they are adjacent to a target accomplishes the same effect as a direct hit.
  5. The explosion of the Danesti gunpowder tower will destroy the bridge-and anything on it. Do not lose men needlessly.
  6. On standard difficulty, a Monk will accompany your force.

Scouts[edit | edit source]

Your scouts report:

  • Dracula (1, Red) has arrived in Wallachia at the head of a small Ottoman force. These men will serve to guard him initially, but more men must be recruited if Wallachia is to be taken.
  • Three local voivods (4, Yellow) rule the southern half of the map. Should Dracula prove his mettle, they may swear fealty to him.
  • Dracula's enemies are Vladislav II (2, Cyan) and his Danesti forces (3, Blue). Vladislav holds a fortified camp in the north of the map and a trading settlement to the east. The Danesti forces are scattered about the map, guarding river crossings and patrolling the roads in search of their foes.
  • The designs of Hungary (5, Green) are unknown, but it is no friend of Dracula's Turkish patrons.

Players[edit | edit source]

Allies[edit | edit source]

  • Ottoman Empire (Turks) - Consists of the city of Edirne (Adrianopolis), as well as of Murad II and his Janissary guard.
  • Voivod Jakub (Magyars) - The first Voivod to be encountered, and his domain. Must survive, and has to reach Moldova with the rest of the lords and Dracula in order to win.
  • Voivod Istvan (Magyars) - The third Voivod to be encountered, and his domain. Must survive, and has to reach Moldova with the rest of the lords and Dracula in order to win.
  • Voivod Danislav (Slavs) - The second Voivod to be encountered, and his domain. Must survive, and has to reach Moldova with the rest of the lords and Dracula in order to win.
  • Local Wallachians (Huns) - Not relevant to the gameplay, outside of the first village encountered.

Enemy -> Ally -> Enemy -> Ally -> Enemy[edit | edit source]

  • Vladislav II (Magyars) - The main enemy of this scenario, their forces cause trouble to the local lords, and the player must destroy various of their forces, in order for the lords to support Dracula with troops. Also, commands the final army that must be destroyed, as well some Galleys that guard the waters between Moldova and Wallachia.
    Vladislav II himself appears in the final battle as a renamed Kushluk with over 20 000 hp. Although not required, it is possible to kill him, but this has no effect whatsoever. 

Neutral to enemy[edit | edit source]

  • Hungary (Magyars) - They will attack once the player comes close to crushing the final army of Vladislav II. Hungary's forces consist of a massive cavalry force, made up of heavy cavalry, Magyar Huszars and Cataphracts.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This scenario was redone from the ground up in the Definitive Edition. While many key elements remain, such as being a baseless mission played as the Turks, and having to enlist the aid of local voivods, the map is overall more simple. Dracula and his men, a collection of Hussars and Hand Cannoneers, along with a Monk if played on Standard difficulty only, begin in the south of the map. Danesti forces (Blue) prowl the roads, and care must be taken as they include many Pikemen who pose a threat to Dracula himself and his Hussars. Without a Monk, it is best to use the regenerating Dracula to 'bait' enemies into giving chase, while the Hand Cannoneers shoot them down. The player's first objective is to secure the loyalty of three Voivods (Yellow), who give out tasks to be completed before they join forces. It is recommended to save the Voivod in the middle of the map (Mircea) for last, as his task is easily the most difficult, and can inflict severe damage to the player's manpower. Moving right, the eastern Voivod (Jakub) requires that the nearby trading settlement be recaptured by destroying its Watch Tower along with any hostile forces, and gives a Capped Ram (Siege Ram on Standard difficulty) to help accomplish this task. While his Castle and men will not attack the blue Danesti forces, they will attack Vladislav's men (Cyan), so luring them back can be effective in preserving units. Once the village is recaptured, he hands over use of his Archery Range to the player, along with enough resources to train a few Hand Cannoneers. Keep the Ram here for now, as there is no need for it in the other Voivods' tasks and it will come in extremely useful later. Heading back out, leave the middle Voivod alone for now and head to the westernmost Voivod (Istvan's) camp. There, he will ask that the bridge nearby be destroyed, and coincidentally, the Danesti have placed a Gunpowder Tower right in the middle. Moving a bit to the right of the bridge, a small path leads to a pair of Heavy Demolition Ships, who can be used to attack the tower. However, on Hard difficulty, both Demoliton Ships will not be sufficient to destroy the tower, and it must be finished off with ranged units on land. After doing so, he hands over his entire army to the player. Finally, the middle Voivod asks for help in defending his camp. Sure enough, a horde of Vladislav's men come pouring out of the north, and on Hard difficulty his forces include siege weapons such as Mangonels. Garrison some Hand Cannoneers in his base's towers to better preserve them, and focus on defending the north side, as the Voivod's men can defend the east on their own. Once the attack is beaten off, he gives control of his Stables, and some food to make more Hussars. With all three Voivods under his banner, Dracula now sets out to destroy Vladislav II. After fighting through some Danesti patrols, Vladislav's base comes into view, and it is well defended, with Watch Towers, scores of men, and a Barracks from which a slow stream of infantry is trained from. Use the Ram to destroy the Barracks while the rest of the army protects it. When the Barracks is destroyed, Vladislav resigns and the scenario is complete.

You are playing as Dracula, who is starting alone. You need to see the Ottoman Sultan Murad II outside his castle, before boarding on his Transport Ship to cross the river. The ship will crash against the rocks, but you will survive. You will meet a few Wallachian soldiers who will be yours. Then you need to meet the local chief at a Wallachian village nearby, and he will ask you to meet the three Voivods: Danislav, Istvan, and Jakub. Go to Voivod Jakub first. He will ask you to destroy the military tower and the general in another small base of Vladislav, south of Jakub's city. March towards the village and you will see a band of guards patrolling the bridge, so you will need to go back to the market in the first Wallachian village and click on it to obtain a "powdered cart". Bring the cart into the enemy base. At this moment you become 'allied' with Vladislav and your army switches to the Otoman Empire. The cart may have trouble crossing the bridge, being obstructed by the marching guards, so you must manually charge him forward. Then bring the cart to the mine at the right to put arson and distract the guards. Then the cart will blow up himself together with the guards. You become 'enemies' with Vladislav again and your army switches back to you. As you get close to the tower, a group of soldiers will be waiting for you. Kill them, fulfill Jakub's tasks, and return to him. Obtain Jakub's troops. Now that you have more soldiers, go to Voivod Danislav's village. Walk all the way west to the first Wallachian village, then north to Voivod Danislav's village. You will encounter a spy on the way. Voivod Danislav just fled his city under Vladislav's occupation, and will ask you to defeat Vladislav's army there. Kill all the enemies and destroy all the "military buildings" before Dracula returns to meet Danislav, then all of his soldiers become yours, while Danislav disappears. You will encounter some enemy soldiers and buildings before reaching Istvan's base. When you get to Istvan's village, you will obtain some of his units, while he asks you to help him defend against Vladislav's army. You will have 3 minutes to prepare for Vladislav's attack.Then you must destroy all the buildings in the enemy base in the southeast of Istvan's base. Bring your troops to move further southeast and meet the three Voivods there again. You become 'allied' with Vladislav again while you observe the battlefield. When you have finished talking to the Voivods, you will get all the soldiers and will have 3 minutes to prepare for a battle. Make sure all your 4 heroes survive. As Vladislav's army is losing the battle, the Hungarian army comes in, and your 4 lords must flee to the southeast docks, board on a transport ship and meet another Local Wallachian lord at the eastern tip. Garrison all your 4 heroes into the castle and you win the scenario.

Outro[edit | edit source]

I stepped forth, holding out the mysterious sword and scabbard for our host to inspect. "The Order of the Dragon," he said at once. "What you have just brought me is the lost blade of Vlad Dracula himself!"

I was shocked and immediately demanded an explanation. Our host's eyes flashed and there was a strained look on his face. Finally, the rush of memories seemed to slow and become more controlled. "That is a long story...but then again, we have a long time until dawn."

"Dracula sought refuge at the Moldavian court. There, he learned that Vladislav II had begun to mediate peace talks between the Ottomans and Hungarians, securing his position as Voivod of Wallachia. Furious, Dracula swore vengeance on Ottomans, Wallachian boyars, and Danesti clansmen alike."

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