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This article is about the scenario in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. For the scenario in Age of Empires II: The Forgotten, see The Digvijaya.

The Digvijaya is the second scenario of the reworked Prithviraj campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.


Rajasthan is a harsh land: a desolate desert snaked by the winding fingers of the Ganga river. The Rajput clans who rule here are as tough as the desert soil and as passionate and unpredictable as the river's flows. The name Rajasthan means 'the land of the kings,' and from this land come India's greatest warriors and rajas.

In keeping with the ancient traditions, Jayachandra ordered a ritual signifying his authority. A mare was released into Rajasthan and pursued by the king's warriors. Wherever the horse went, the ruler of that land would either accept Jayachandra's authority or challenge it by fighting the warriors.

As Prithviraj hunted tigers in the forest, he discovered how quickly the hunter could himself become the hunted.

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]


  • Prithviraj must survive.
  • Find and kill the Tiger by following the trail of animal remains.
  • (subsequently) Bring Prithviraj to his horse at the hunting lodge.
  • (subsequently) Bring Prithviraj to the Town Center in Ajmer.
  • (subsequently) Kill the enemy Rajas.
  • Purge the Naga by destroying their Wonder.


  1. You are restricted to a population limit of 150.
  2. To hunt a tiger, Prithviraj must know when to stand and fight - preferably on a hill - or run. Although he cannot outrun the beast for very long, even a few moments will help him recover his health.
  3. The Rajput clans war with each other as much as with Prithviraj. Take advantage of this infighting by striking your enemies when they attack each other.
  4. The Chaulukya, Soomra, and Lohara will become your allies when their Kings are dead. Take care to not cause too much destruction in their lands.
  5. Though Jayachandra is your chief rival, it is not necessary to defeat him. By killing the rajas and destroying the Naga, Prithviraj will have victory.


  • Prithviraj has resumed his hunt, but enemies force him back to Ajmer. He will need to defeat the rival rajas to rule Rajasthan.
  • Jayachandra (2, Red) has begun his conquests by seizing the territory between the Ganga and Yamuna Rivers - perilously close to Ajmer. His army is diverse but he prizes his Elephant Archers above all.
  • The Chaulukya (3, Purple) command the seas from the Gujarat Peninsula southwest of Ajmer. They have a formidable navy and armies of camels and cavalry.
  • The Soomra (4, Yellow) control the Indus River from their coastal base in the delta to the west. They have borrowed cavalry and archer tactics from their former Muslim overlords.
  • The Lohara (5, Cyan) defend the Kashmiri mountains to the north with infantry, skirmishers, siege, and Monks.
  • Finally, various other factions challenge Prithviraj. The Naga (6, Green) are fierce serpent people of the southern forests while the Dacoits (7, Orange) are bandits pushed to the desert and mountain fringes, where they ambush passing travellers.



  • Player (Gurjaras, Indians before Dynasties of India): The player starts as Prithvi, doing a tiger hunt. After managing to kill the tiger, Prithviraj must stop his hunting, as he needs to return to Ajmer to fight his enemies. When in Ajmer, Prithviraj takes control of a small town and his tasked with killing the three enemy Rajas and destroying the Naga's Wonder.


  • Paramara (Naga before Dynasties of India) (Dravidians, Malay before Dynasties of India): They have several Priests, one Fortified Tower, and a Wonder (that the player is required to destroy to win the scenario), which is protected by Priests and an hidden Tower. Komodo Dragons are renamed to "Naga" in this scenario.
  • Dacoits (Gurjaras, Indians before Dynasties of India): They have small groups of Camel Archers and Shotel Warriors to the west of the player's base. They are the weakest enemy, as they will eventually be killed by other factions if the player does not kill them first.

Enemies → Allies[]

  • Chaulukya (Gurjaras, Indians before Dynasties of India): Chaulukya have a base to the southwest and will train Scout Cavalry, Camel Riders, and a navy. Their Raja is garrisoned inside the Town Center. They are the strongest enemy and they will eventually build a Castle and advance to the Imperial Age.
  • Soomra (Hindustanis, Tatars before Dynasties of India): Soomra have a base to the west and will train Light Cavalry, Knights, and Cavalry Archers. They also have a navy. Their Raja is garrisoned inside the Town Center.
  • Lohara (Gurjaras, Indians before Dynasties of India): Lohara have a base to the north and will train Long Swordsmen and Skirmishers. Their Raja is located near their Wonder.


  • Jayachandra (Gurjaras, Indians before Dynasties of India): Jayachandra's base is located east of Ajmer across the river, and will train an army of Pikemen, Crossbowmen, and Elephant Archers.


Cross over the bridge and using both the hill advantage and the range, attack the tiger. After a few hits, retreat back across the bridge and, from the hill, resume the attack. After killing the tiger, bring Prithviraj to his horse, where he will meet a Cavalry Archer and two Light Cavalry.

Using Prithviraj alone, kill the all the Monks and lizards, including those at Naga's Wonder. The player will find Chand Bardai (a Monk with 70 hitpoints and 4/4 armor) on the way to the Wonder. Use the Transport Ship to take the rest of the troops to Ajmer, while being careful to avoid the Towers' arrows on the way there.

Use Prithviraj, while being healed by Chand Bardai, to attack the enemy random units around the base and the orange Dacoits by the gold and stone.

Use Houses, Archery Ranges and a Blacksmith to wall around the base. A combination of Skirmishers and Spearmen can be used to fend off attacks while the player is still in the Feudal Age.

When in the Castle Age, build a Castle (with Murder Holes and Bodkin Arrow researched) to the north-east of the base, which will defend the player from both Jayachandra and Lohara.

The objective of destroying the Naga's Wonder can be left for the end of the scenario, after killing the three enemy Rajas.

Since Chaulukya (south) will become the most aggressive enemy (and will eventually advance to the Imperial Age), the player should kill their Raja first. The player can do this while still in the Castle Age by training lots of Camel Riders to attack Chaulukya's Town Center (while taking advantage of the Indian team bonus) and kill the Raja as soon as he is ungarrisoned (do not forget to have Husbandry researched in case the Raja attempts to run away and garrison in another building). A similar strategy can be taken to kill Soomra's (west) Raja. The player only needs to kill the Rajas, and since the enemies become allies after their corresponding Rajas die, the player should try to minimize collateral damage.

Now only Lohara's (north) Raja is left. This Raja is protected by a Gate and so the strategy taken before cannot be replicated. Instead, the player should advance to the Imperial Age and use Trebuchets to take down that Gate, while Pikemen and Cavalry Archers protect the Trebuchets. When the Gate is taken down, send the Cavalry Archers to kill the last Raja.

The player can easily finish the scenario by destroying Naga's Towers and Wonder with Trebuchets.


All of India heard tales of Prithviraj's digvijaya - his conquest of all directions. The Rajput princes submitted to him and word of his victories spread far. Princes came from all lands to congratulate the young raja.

But far greater than any princely gift was the love of a princess. In Kannauj, in the very court of his rival Jayachandra, Prithviraj caught the eye of Sanyogita, a headstrong Rajput princess with bewitching beauty. The young king fell in love with Jayachandra's own daughter.


  • Researching the Elite Cannon Galleon upgrade is possible (even before researching Chemistry), even though Cannon Galleons are disabled for the entire scenario, therefore just wasting the research cost.
  • Changes in update 61321: The player is now limited to the Castle Age. After hunting the tiger, Prithviraj will instantly be back in the base, instead of having to return manually. Jayachandra have additional bases across the river in the back of their original island base (replacing the Dacoits). The objective to destroy the Naga's Wonder is removed. Instead, there's a secondary objective to free the ally faction Paramara from Dacoit forces in the area, gaining a Monastery, Villagers, Trade Carts, a Relic, and Urumi Swordsmen. The player will win the scenario after killing the Rajas.