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This article is about the scenario in Age of Empires II: The Forgotten. For the scenario in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, see The Digvijaya (Definitive Edition).

Map after some ownership changes in the beginning

The Digvijaya is the second scenario of the Prithviraj campaign in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten.


Prithviraj ascended the throne at the age of twenty. Our peaceful lives turned to the building of the kingdom. Prithviraj brought Ajmer under direct rule, and it became a twin city of Delhi. I continued to compose poetry and chronicle his feats, but I also took on the role of an advisor and an ambassador. I would sometimes rule the kingdom while Prithviraj went and saw his lover Sanyogita in secret.

In the days before the Ghorids, the Land of Five Rivers was divided by many different Rajas. Sanyogita's father, Jaichand of the Gaharwars, ruled one of the most powerful Rajput clans. Another powerful clan was the Solankis, ruled by Prithviraj's old rival Bhimdev. Meanwhile, the fading Ghaznavids continued their raids into the Punjab after being driven there by the men we now call the Ghorids. Let me demonstrate the power of love.

Amidst the turmoil, death, and battles, Prithviraj never forgot his Sanyogita. They would often meet in border towns. There would be occasions in which my Raj would be fresh from a victory, then trot his horse to an enemy town to meet his lover. Some other times would he sleep in the arms of the beautiful young princess, and then wake the next morning to march with his men. It was a time of great turbulence, and I will relate to you what kind of storms love had to survive...



  • Indian Villages (Indians) are civilians who are often attacked by the Ghaznavids, alongside with the player. Especially in early game, the player would need to trade with their markets and docks for gold. They have a market in the west which is dangerously near the Ghaznavids while they would be using this market to trade with the player (therefore the Ghaznavids would attack Trade Carts from both the player and the Indian Villages). They have a dock in the central area of the map, near the player's southern town, which the player can safely trade with in early game until the trade cogs are being attacked by the Gaharwars.


  • Ghaznavids (Turks) are in the west, being the greatest threat as they are very ambitious to conquer northern India. They would become enemies with any other state allied with the player.

Enemy states to be conquered/subjugated/vassalized[]

Once the player sends a unit to approach any of the following player's town (except the Gaharwars), they will switch stance with the player as 'neutral' to each other while giving the player a task to be fulfilled, as the condition to become 'allies' with the player. The Gaharwars will make such a request as others only if their king, Jaichand of Kannauj, gets killed. Any of the following players allying with the player would become enemies with the Ghaznavids.

  • Chandelas (Indians) are in the east, they would request the player to help them kill Jaichand, the king of the Gaharwars, whom they got fed up with.
  • Gaharwars (Indians) are in the northeast, they are the strongest among the five states which can be subjugated, being ruled by a powerful king, Jaichand of Kannauj, who would never surrender to another state. Only if Jaichand is killed, the people would request the player to bring them 25 elephant archers. Once the Gaharwars submit to the player, the two watch towers at the southern civilian market (see below "Kashmir") will be deleted after 20 seconds.
  • Kashmir (Indians) is located in the northwest, they would request the player to help them destroy the two Gaharwar watch towers guarding the southern market of the "Indian Villages" (near the Paramaras), as they need to trade.
  • Paramaras (Indians) are in the south, they would request the player to build a castle on the hill marked with flags. Once the castle is completed, it would be given to the Paramaras to defend them. By then, they will also request the player to bring a relic (which is in the northern tip of the map) into their temple, and they will produce trebuchets for the player.
  • Solankis (Persians) are in the southwest, they would request the player to send them 1000 wood, 1000 gold and 1000 stone for them to build a wonder, which they hope to use it to distract the Ghaznavids towards it.


The player starts with two towns, Delhi (north) and Ajmer (south), each of them having a castle which the player must have at least one of them remain standing. The player's main base would be Delhi, where Prithviraj himself is in, and the player's only initial town center is located there.

There are some trees inside and outside both towns for the player to collect woods, there are farms across the river in the east of Delhi, and some farms in the countryside in the west. There are stone mines in Ajmer, where the villagers are automatically assigned to mine them. Since the player cannot initially find a nearby gold mine where the player can safely mine, the player must rely on trade with "Indian Villages" (referred as "civilian" in this section) for the initial game. However, as the player ventures further, the player may find some gold mines and stone mines elsewhere.

The player is initially automatically trading with the civilian market in the west, through the player's market in Delhi. However, the civilian's market is dangerously near the Ghaznavids, and initially the Ghaznavids would attack the civilians in the west, and whatever Trade Cart they can find between the civilians' market and Delhi. The player may need to build trade cogs to trade with the civilians' dock near Ajmer, in case it is impossible for a land trade.

Before the player could make a 'truce' with any of the five potential vassal states by visiting them, Delhi would be attacked by Kashmir, while Ajmer would be attacked by the Solankis and the Paramaras. Initially, Kashmir would use a trebuchet to besiege Delhi, but other of their troops are not a great threat. For Ajmer, the player would have hard time defending it from the Solankis and the Paramaras, which are respectively using war elephants and elephant archers.

In the southwest, there is an abandoned temple where the player can plunder 500 gold. The player can also find some gold mines and stone mines in the countryside between Ajmer and the Chandelas, but the player's miners may get attacked by the Chandelas even if being 'neutral' to each other. At the riverside near the Gaharwars, as the player meets the Sadhu, he would law down a few rocks covering gold mines, before he disappears.

The Gaharwars will attack the player with massive army and some navy after the player conquered or subjugated/vassalized one state. The Ghaznavids will lauch an attack on the player after the player conquered or subjugated/vassalized two states. Once the player conquered or subjugated/vassalized three states, the Ghaznavids will receive 3000 food, 3000 gold, and 4000 stone from Gaia and launch another invasion on the player. While the player is building a castle for the Paramaras, the player's builders will be attacked by the Chandelas and Solankis, unless the player is playing at 'standard' level.


Prithviraj became the most powerful ruler east of the River Sindh. He had bested Bhimdev, and made Jaichand into a jealous vassal. It is strange that another man was born in the same year as Prithviraj and myself, and that man was the feared Muhammad Ghori. We were all reborn at the same time for a purpose. He was a constant shadow upon our backs... an inevitability. Yet Prithviraj saw his marriage to Sanyogita as an inevitability, as well.


  • Even though Jaichand of Kannauj can be killed in this scenario, the character does not actually vanish. Instead, he is actually captured and imprisoned in Ajmer (the player's southern town) as a unit belonging to "Indian Villages".
  • Jaichand is actually the father of Sanyogita, who would later become the wife of Prithviraj, despite Jaichand's objection, due to the rivalry between Prithviraj and Jaichand's clans.
  • The Ghaznavids was a Muslim empire of Turkic origin, and their military was primarily made up of Turks. These explain the depiction as Turks in the game.
  • The abandoned temple in the southwest is actually transferred from the Ghaznavids to Gaia, therefore the player cannot capture it as any typical Gaia buildings.