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The Cavalry Marshal is an Industrial Age politician in Age of Empires III, available to the Dutch, French, Germans, Italians, Ottomans, Russians, Spanish, and Swedes. As soon as the player advances to the Industrial Age by choosing him, the following units appear in the Home City shipment point:

Before the Definitive Edition, The Cavalry Marshal is available to the French at a level 20 Home City, the Russians at a level 40 Home City, and the Dutch at a level 60 Home City.


The Cavalry Marshal is an important option for those players that prefer a cavalry strategy. He is available to most European civilizations, and each one gets a different set of cavalry units, most of them unique to their respective civilization.

For the Ottomans, Russians, and Spanish, The Cavalry Marshal is a great follow-up politician if they previously get The Scout in the Fortress Age in order to get the most out of cavalry.

The main bonus of the Germans gives the player Uhlans for each Home City shipment, and The Cavalry Marshal may make for a massive Uhlan attack in the early Industrial Age. For a fully cavalry-oriented strategy with the Germans, the player should pick The Logistician in the Commerce Age.

Except for The Royalist, none of the Imperial Age politicians further improve cavalry, so in many cases, players may prefer instead to Revolt, as there are several Revolutions that give some advantages to cavalry. Alternatively, they can upgrade their cavalry units with the Imperial Age upgrades. In order to get a follow-up combo with The Cavalry Marshal and The Royalist, the Italians should ship the Advanced Politicians Home City Card previously so The Royalist spawns 15 Royal Dragoons instead of Royal Musketeers, for getting an army of 24 Dragoons in total just with politicians (the Royal Dragoon is a native variant of the Dragoon).

Recommended shipments[]

All civilizations[]

  • Cavalry Combat: Cavalry get +15% hit points and attack.
  • Riding School (All except Spanish): Cavalry train time -40%.
  • Military unit shipments that can complement the cavalry or cover the weaknesses of the cavalry.
  • Advanced Arsenal (all except Swedes and Italians).
  • Guard of Honor (Italians and Dutch through the Brazil revolution): Upgrades Ruyters to Royal Guard (if not already); Ruyters get +200% hand attack but all hand attack multipliers removed; upgrades Dragoons to Independence Dragoons (Guard Dragoons with a lance hand attack); Independence Dragoons can be trained at Stables, Forts, and Fluyts.
  • Blandengues (Germans, Italians and Spanish throuth the Argentina revolution): Hand cavalry cost -20%.
  • Caballeros (Germans Italians and Spanish through Argentina revolution; Spanish may also get this from the base deck or the Mexico revolution): Lancers get +1.0 multiplier against infantry and +1 hand attack range.
  • Lee's Continental Light Dragoons (Dutch, French, Italians and Swedes through the United States revolution): Ships 12 Carbine Cavalry; turns all Dragoons/Ruyters/Hakkapelits into Carbine Cavalry; Carbine Cavalry replace Dragoons/Ruyters/Hakkapelits at Stables, Forts, and Galleons/Fluyts.


  • Peace of Münster: Ships 2 Envoys; allows Envoys to build Stables.
  • Belgian Revolution: Turns all Pikemen, Halberdiers, and Ruyters into Revolutionaries.
  • Wagon Warfare (through South Africa revolution): Replaces Ruyters with War Wagons at Stables, Forts, and Galleons/Fluyts; upgrades War Wagons to Guard and Imperial.


  • Thoroughbreds: Cuirassiers, Hussars, and Dragoons cost -15%. This shipment can be aquired from the base deck or from Revolutionary France revolution after using Napoleonic Era shipment.
  • TEAM Hand Cavalry Attack: Hand cavalry get +15% attack.
  • Hand Cavalry Hitpoints: Hussars and Cuirassiers get +15% hit points.
  • TEAM Louvre: Gives a trickle of 0.1 XP; Town Watch, Gas Lighting, Standing Army, Mass Cavalry, Medical Science, and Mission Fervor cost -50%; Kebra Nagast, Book of Axum, and Solomonic Dynasty cost -10%*
  • Horse Hunters(through Revolutionary France): Dragoons get +2.0× Multiplier vs. Heavy cavalry, +1.5× Multiplier vs. Hand shock infantry and train time -20%.
  • Grande Armée (through Revolutionary France): Allows you to research Imperial upgrades for your military units at a reduced cost. Enables imperial unit upgrades and reduces its costs by -50%.


  • Lipizzaner Cavalry: Uhlans get +15% hit points and attack.
  • Death Ride: Replaces all existing Uhlans with Guard Totenkopf Hussars consuming only 1 population slot. Instead of Uhlans, you receive extra Totenkopf Hussars; +4 Totenkopf Hussars.
  • TEAM Cavalry Attack: Heavy cavalry, light cavalry, and shock infantry get +10% attack; Germans-only heavy cavalry, light cavalry, and shock infantry get +15% attack instead.
  • Cavalry Hitpoints: Uhlans, War Wagons, Prinz Chevaulegers, and Comancheros get +15% hit points.
  • Polish Winged Hussars: Ships 7 Winged Hussars*; upgrades Winged Hussar to Royal Guard (if not already).
  • Princely Bavarian Chevaulegers: Replaces War Wagons in your Stables and Home City with naturalized Wittelsbach Chevaulegers, called Prinz Chevaulegers, that can be trained and upgraded, +8 Prinz Chevaulegers.
  • TEAM Reichsritter: Stables, Corrals, and Caravanserais cost -50%; Nobles' Huts, War Academies, and War Camps cost -25%; Kallankas cost -15%.
  • Spanish Riding School: Cavalry get +10% speed.


  • Guardia di Finanza: Adds coin equal to 5% of the cost of all defeated enemy units to the player's stockpile up to a maximum of 3,000 coin.
  • Advanced Politicians.
  • TEAM Cavalry Attack: Heavy cavalry, light cavalry, and shock infantry get +10% attack; Italians-only heavy cavalry, light cavalry, and shock infantry get +15% attack instead.
  • Schiavoni Swords: All cavalry and infantry get +15% hand attack.
  • Statuto Albertino: Provides the Basilica with Carabinieri a technology that ships 10 Carabinieri (Veteran Carbine Cavalry); turns all Dragoons into Carabinieri; Carabinieri get +0.5 ranged attack multiplier against outlaws and mercenaries and Ranged cavalry get -10% ranged attack Rate of Fire and -10% train time.
  • Milanese Arsenal.
  • Venetian Arsenal: Ships 1 Arsenal Wagon; Arsenals now increase the work rate of nearby military buildings.


  • Sipahi shipments especially Team Timariots: The Sipahi is a heavy cavalry unit that can only be obtained from the Home City, they can be paired well with Delis.
  • Flight Archery: Azaps and Cavalry Archers get +15% attack, and reduce attack delay by replacing ranged attack to volley and stagger modes; Azaps get 1.5 ranged attack Rate of Fire.
  • Akincis: Light cavalry get +100% multiplier against villagers; Cavalry Archer train time -15%.


  • Boyars: Cavalry Archers*, Cossacks, and Oprichniks get +10% hit points and attack.
  • TEAM Kamchatka Expeditions: Cavalry and shock infantry get +10% hit points and +4 Line of Sight.
  • Landed Gentry/Dragoon Combat: Cavalry Archers can be trained in the Commerce Age and cost 55 wood instead of 60 coin; Dragoons get +20% hit points and attack.
  • Reformist Tsar: Provides the Church with Westernization, St. Petersburg Dragoons, Petrine Reforms, and Lifeguard Jaegers technologies.
  • Bashkir Rebellion: Turns all Cossacks into Bashkir Archers; upgrades Bashkir Archers to Disciplined (if not already); Bashkir Archers can be trained and upgraded to Honored at Trading Posts on Tengri Shrines and Native Embassies; removes Bashkir Archers' training limit, but now they take 1 population.


  • Unction: Missionaries increase the attack of nearby friendly units.
  • Hand Cavalry Attack: Hand cavalry get +15% attack.
  • Hand Cavalry Hitpoints: Hand cavalry get +15% hit points.
  • Liberation March: Infantry, cavalry, and shock infantry get +5% speed and -35% train time. Shipment available from the base deck or from the Chile revolution.
  • House of Trastamára: The next Age up is researched 8.5% faster and costs 80 resources less for each shipment that has been sent in the current Age including this one; Resources are proportional to amount required.
  • Junín Hussars (through the Peru revolution): Hand cavalry and hand shock infantry get +5% speed and -30% train time (only get -20% train time if stacked with "Liberation March").


  • Hand Infantry/Hand Cavalry Attack: Hand infantry and hand cavalry get +15% attack.
  • Hand Infantry/Hand Cavalry Hitpoints: Hand infantry and hand cavalry get +15% hit points.
  • Finnhorses: Hussars and Hakkapelits get +15% hit points. Shipment available from the base deck or from the Finland revolution.
  • Ranged Cavalry Combat: Ranged cavalry get +15% hit points and attack.
  • March of the Hakkapelits: Ships 3 Hakkapelits; Hakkapelits get +0.15 speed and can be trained in the Commerce Age.
  • Trample Tactics: Hussars and Hakkapelits get +15% hit points and -0.5 rate of fire in Trample Mode.


3Icon48px Age of Empires III[]

  • Germans: The Cavalry Marshal ships 6 Uhlans.
  • Ottomans: The Cavalry Marshal ships 5 Hussars.
  • Russians: The Cavalry Marshal ships 6 Cossacks.
  • Spanish: The Cavalry Marshal ships 5 Lancers.

Age3DE Icon Definitive Edition[]

  • Germans: The Cavalry Marshal now ships 7 Uhlans.
  • Russians: The Cavalry Marshal now ships 7 Cossacks.
  • Spanish: The Cavalry Marshal now ships 6 Lancers.
  • Home City level requirement removed.

Age3DE Icon Knights of the Mediterranean[]

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