Map upon landing on an island and obtain initial troops

The Cannibals is the fourth and final scenario of the El Dorado campaign in the Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten.

Players[edit | edit source]

Allies[edit | edit source]

  • Januacu (Incas) is a tribe located at the northern part of the map, they have a village in the north or east of Macapaba, they are one of the tribes that inhabit the mouth of the Amazon river.
  • Macapaba (Incas) is a tribe that was located at western part of the map, they have a big village in the western part of the map.
  • Questgivers (Incas) are a player that is composed of some people who gives you quest. Once these quests are successfully done, you gain some gold that will help you on continuing the scenario.
  • Spaniards (Spanish) are a player that was used as a placeholder for your units at some parts of the scenario.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Los Negros guards (Incas) are immobile units (means they do not actively attack unless provoked) occupying two islands in the southwest (one group guarding a stonehead, another group guarding a temple construction site), an island in the east (where there are fellow Spanish captives), two gold mines on the Negros mainland (one in the south, another in the east), as well as the island which the player is to start with. This player would also take control over any unit to be killed by the player whenever fulfilling quests.
  • Villages of Los Negros (Incas) are on the east bank of the Amazon River, and being the main enemy of the player. The western village is heavily guarded. Their forces is primarily made up of Kamayuks, Slingers, Eagle Warriors, Pikemen etc. They guard their waters with Canoes.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Spanish explorers, in two Transport Ships, reaches the mouth of the Amazon River, and learned that there are native cannibals, known as "Negros", living in the area. The Spanish expedition team would land on an island, which is where the player shall construct a base.

There are three Negros Eagle Warriors at a yurt occupying the island, but they can be easily eliminated. As the player builds a Town Center on this island, the player would learn that there are fellow Spaniards being captured and imprisoned by Negros on the island in the east, therefore the player must rescue them.

The player will need to at least kill the few Negros guards at the prison (made of Palisade Walls) before the player could approach Juan Cortejo, the leader of the Spanish captives. Then the player must destroy the storehouse (a Trade Workshop) in order to recover the confiscated equipments of the captives. Therefore, Juan Cortejo would turn into a cavalry hero, while the rest would become Hand Cannoneers. All of them would belong to the player.

The player should begin the preparation to build 15 galleons for the journey into the Atlantic Ocean, in order to win the game. However, there is no freely accessible gold mines for the player, and the player cannot obtain gold by trading (market and trade cog are not available for the player in this scenario), therefore the player must approach the two friendly native tribes in the west, Januacu and Macapaba, and fulfill quests given by them to get rewarded with gold. Then the player shall attack the cannibal Negros in the east to grab the gold mines from them.

Fulfilling the quests[edit | edit source]

To receive a quest, simply click on the respective purple ("Questgivers") unit and follow instructions. Succeeding a quest would earn 200 gold. Failing certain quests would get less gold or even none at all.

In the Januacu village on the island north of the player's island, there is a murder case, victim named "Supay", and the player would be asked to help investigate the case. There are four suspects who were arrested and placed at the parade. The player must click on all the three other inhabitants in the village to get statement from them. Once the player returns to the parade, all the four suspects would defend themselves before the player could make a verdict, by clicking on the suspect whom the player believes to be the murderer. Whoever being accused by the player, must be killed by the player (the accused one would be taken over by "Los Negros guards"), before all the other suspects could be released. The wrong suspect would still deny for killing Supay, and the player would get only 5 gold. The correct one would admit it.

At the Januacu Market on the island in the west of the island mentioned above, there is a trader (a Trade Cart) wanting to sell some fruits to the Macapaba market, and if the player accepts the challenge to bring him there, the player must send him there within 4 minutes, or else his fruits would be rotten and can only be sold as animal feed with a much lower price. Along the way, the player would be likely to encounter a few Negros canoes.

At the Januacu Temple in the west of the player's island, the Monk would ask the player to help him prevent the Negros from constructing a temple on the island in the south of him. As the "Los Negros guards" has only one Villager there, simply killing him would be sufficient to prevent the construction. Failing to prevent the construction would not earn anything.

At the northern tip of the map, there is a shaman (an Eagle Warrior) at three Yurts of different colours asking the player to answer three riddles. The player is to answer the question by clicking on the respective yurt. Answering each question correctly would give the player different amount of rewards. If a question is being answered wrongly, all the player's units within the proximity would suffer a token of damage.

In the Macapaba main village, there is a blacksmith who would ask the player help him investigate the mine in the west, as a few of their miners were missing. Once the player reaches there, a few Negros would spawn, seeing some humans for them to eat. The player must kill them all before entering the cave, learning that all the miners were eaten up by the cannibal Negros.

The fisherman in the northeast of Macapaba would ask the player to help him destroy the Negros Fish Trap in the south, so that he could go fishing there. The player might have to destroy the Negros canoes nearby.

The archeologists in the southwest of Macapaba, studying a stone head, would inform the player about another stone head on the island in the east of them. However the island is occupied by Negros, therefore the player must kill everyone on the island so that these archeologists could safely travel there.

Behind the Palisade Gate in the north of Macapaba, there is a village being in chaos due to a witch who summoned beasts to attack the villagers. The guard at the gate would ask the player to kill the witch. Along the way, the player must beware of wild animals, especially Iron Boars. Once the witch is killed, the wild animals would flee and the village is safe again.

In the northwest of Macapaba, there is a Monk who would ask the player to help the champion of Macapaba (an Eagle Warrior) to fight the champion of Januacu (a Jaguar Warrior), who will be taken over by "Los Negros guards" once the tournament begins. Throughout the fighting, there would be Relics appearing on the tournament ground, either boosting attack or hitpoints (HP), and both of the champions would have to compete and grab the relic. As the player is greatly inferior and disadvantaged comparing with the opponent (Jaguar Warriors have bonus against other infantry, including Eagle Warriors), the player must rely on the relics by keep running around the tournament ground and pick up as many relics as possible, which the player can utilize the superior speed of the Eagle Warrior . Losing the tournament would earn nothing, and the upset Monk would curse the player to death (though nothing would happen).

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