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The Burning of USS Philadelphia is the tenth Historical Battle in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, and the first scenario in the launch of Mexicans' DLC.


Determined to put an end to predatory raids on merchant vessels, the United States has declared war on the Barbary pirates in North Africa. An auspicious start to the conflict quickly turned into disaster and disgrace when the frigate USS Philadelphia was captured intact by Barbary pirates. However, one brave young American lieutenant was unwilling to let the vessel remain in enemy hands. Assembling a group of volunteers, Stephen Decatur set sail to destroy the frigate and salvage the US Navy’s reputation.

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]



  • Capture the corsair ship Mastico by destroying its escort
  • Seize the outpost at the entrance to the harbour by killing all of its guards
  • Bring the captured corsair ship to the USS Philadelphia and kill its guards
  • Defend the corsair ship while the USS Philadelphia is loaded with explosives
  • The captured corsair ship must reach your frigates at the entrance to the harbor


  • Rescue the crew of the USS Philadelphia
  • Capture the fixed gun to open a swifter route to the USS Philadelphia
  • Destroy the docked Barbary fleet to the east