"Zama, 202 BCE

Publius Scipio, your unrelenting victories over Carthage's allies have brought your renown, but greater triumphs await! With Hispania nd her tribes subdued by your legions, you ventured across the sea to the hot sands of Africa to threaten Carthage herself. Your gample has succeeded - Hannibal has abandoned his Italian campaign to rush to the defense of his homeland. The Carthaginians are numerous and will fight with auxiliaries with his hotdetermination of men defending their gomes, but you have yet another gambit in play. King Massinissa of the Numidian desert tribes has betrayed Hannibal and bolsters your auxiliaries with his horsemen. Defeat Hannibal on the battlefield of Zama and Carthage will finally know the price of defying Rome!
In-game campaign description

The Battle of Zama is the fifth scenario of the Rise of Rome campaign in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, replacing Zama.

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy the three Docks in Carthage's harbor.
  • Bring Scipio to the blue flags at Carthage's Byrsa Forum.

Hints Edit

  1. Reaching the Numidian camps will provide you with Heavy Horse Archers.
  2. Hannibal relies on resources gathered west of Carthage. Destroying his camps there will eventually starve him of resources needed to train his armies.
  3. A group of Priests can turn the tide of any battle against War Elephants and Phalanxes.
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