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The Battle of Yorktown is the eighth and final scenario of Act I: Fire in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.




  • Destroy the Fixed Guns
  • Destroy the British Redoubt Cannons.
  • Destroy the British coastal Outposts




  • Lafayette (French) - Forces are lead by General Lafayette, who will fight against the British alongside the player, as well supplying the player with Caravels, Frigates, and Petards.


  • Cornwallis (British) - Forces are lead by General Cornwallis
  • Cornwallis (Germans) - Forces are also lead by British General Cornwallis, consist of Jaegers and Uhlans guarding the redoubts.


The scenario starts off with the cinematic "There at the End" in which Amelia Black narrates that Nathaniel fulfills his final promises to Washington in fighting the battles of Charleston, Camden, and King's Mountain. Nathaniel then prepares to face the redcoats for the final time at the Battle of Yorktown in 1781. After the scenario is complete it followed by an epilogue "The Revolutionary", entailing Nathaniel's living his remaining years after the war in a Haudenosaunee village.

This scenario will have several objectives, many of which are optional and do not need to be fulfilled in order to complete the scenario. The enemy AI will be smarter this time and will attack for vulnerable military units and flee battles when necessary. Lastly this scenario will require a slightly more set up and planning ahead, as British and Hessian troops will attack at different places at different times.


Players will start out south in the map near a small creek, immediately in combat with enemy Musketeers. As soon as these Musketeers are killed off, a primary objective of destroying the British Frontier Outposts will be revealed. Additional reinforcements of 4 Revolutionaries and 2 Falconets will be provided. Shortly after, another band of enemy Musketeers will pour in from the north, and player should use their two Falconets to fire across the creek to take out the Musketeers before having the infantry finish the job.

Now the player should use the Falconets long range to their advantage to take out the first Outpost near the creek, another brigade of more Musketeers will be alerted and will march in south. This time the player can use the hit and run strategy with the Falconets, firing twice before using the militia and Skirmishers to finish off the brigade. After this brigade is defeated, the player can proceed razing the two enemy Outposts.

After the two Outposts have been destroyed, Washington's forces will supply the player with 10 Villagers and a Covered Wagon from the south of the map. The Town Center should be built close by the dirt road running through map while the 10 Villagers should be split on gathering wood and coin. Meanwhile the first shipments should be used on 3 Fishing Boats, and a Farm Travois.

The French will provide the players with 5 Petards along the southeast coast. Back at base, the player should start building multiple Houses to allow population for a necessary large army of around 10 Falconets, 20 Colonial Militias, and some Tomahawks. Once these forces are built the player can proceed to complete the final objective of destroying the British Town Center at Yorktown.

The forces should be directed northwest to the British stronghold at Yorktown. Upon close arrival, enemy Longbowmen and Musketeers fiercely guard an Outpost and a Redoubt containing a Redoubt Cannon. The player should take out the Redoubt Cannon first with their Falconets before taking out the infantry and proceeding to raze the Frontier Outpost.

At this point, the player will arrive at Yorktown and a highly contested battle with take place. Enemy Hessian Jaegers in black uniforms will fire at the player's forces taking out scores of Militia while Uhlans will be guarding the remaining 2 Redoubt Cannons. Once again the player should use their artillery to take down the Jaegers and Redoubt Cannons before using Washington and the Militias to take down the Uhlans.

After the final enemy troops are successfully taken down, the player can pave their way to victory and destroy the nearby British Town Center. After the Town Center has been razed, the scenario is complete and the player has finished all scenarios of the Act I: Fire campaign.


  • This is the only scenario in the Age of Empires III campaigns where the black color is used for an enemy player.


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