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The Battle of Mylae (Battle of Mylae in the original) is the second scenario of the The First Punic War campaign from the Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome demo. The Carthaginians must battle the Roman navy and acquire two Artifacts.

Scenario instructions[]


Northeast Sicily, 260 BCE

The Romans have not ceased their meddling. More disturbingly, they have studied one of your wrecked warships and are using it as a model to build an entire fleet! These ships will allow them to protect their supply lines from Italy, keeping their armies in Sicily equipped and reinforced. The first of these new vessels are nearing your positions off the coast of Mylae. To demonstrate the futility of challenging Carthage at sea, capture the Roman supply carts and bring them back to your base. May Ba'al Hammon guide you!
—In-game section

Starting conditions[]


  • Bring two War Chests containing Roman supplies to the blue flagged area on your island.
  • Alternatively, kill your opponents.


  1. Use towers and walls along the coastline to defend against the Roman navy while you construct your own navy.
  2. Explore the map to find additional resources.


Apparently, Rome is not going to give up so easily. For decades, Carthaginian warships have ruled the Mediterranean. The Romans, however, have studied one of your wrecked triremes, and are duplicating it to build their own navy. Before you have time to rebuild your forces on Sicily, Rome is sending warships from the Italian peninsula to attack you near Mylae. To demonstrate to the Romans the futility of their attacks, capture their trade goods (Artifacts) from Syracuse and Italy and bring them back to your base of operations.
—In-game section

Starting conditions[]


  • Bring two Artifacts to the blue flagged area on your island, or kill your opponents.


  • You now have access to the Bronze Age, and to new units such as warships, cavalry, camelry, and siege weapons.
  • Use towers and walls along the coastline to defend against the Roman navy while you construct your own navy.
  • Explore the map to find additional resources.



  • Player (Carthaginians): The player starts with a Tool Age base, villagers, and some slingers on the Southern island.


  • Romans (Romans): Rome starts with a large Bronze Age base on the Nouthern island. They also have a seperated base on one of the Western island, guarding some gold mines.
  • Syracuse (Romans): Syracuse starts with a Bronze Age base situated on the same island with the player. They are blocked by the cliff, so a land based invasion is practically impossible. They will actively attack the player with a navy and transport ships.


  • Player (Carthaginians): The player starts with a Tool Age base, villagers, and some slingers on the western island.


  • Rome (Romans): Rome starts with a large Bronze Age base on the eastern island. They attack with a navy, archers, infantry, and siege weapons. They keep several priests for defence.
  • Syracuse (Romans): Syracuse starts with a post-Iron Age force made of Broad Swordsmen, Heavy Catapults, and Priests on the southern island. The island is also guarded by Sentry Towers. Syracuse acts passively and has no economy, except for two Fishing Ships (the Villager is inactive).


Both enemies start in the Bronze Age, while the player starts in the Tool Age. Initially, it will be extremely difficult compete with Rome at sea, while also effectively dealing with transport drops. Consider building walls around the entire coastline, to make sure that transport ships cannot land any units. Try to get Villagers inland if the enemy navy starts harassing them. Once the player has successfully completed the 'turtling shell', focus on collecting enough food and gold to advance to the Bronze and Iron Age. Eventually, the player can sneakily drop several Docks and quickly build up a large navy of Triremes to regain naval supremacy.

Later, build up a small platoon of land units and raze the Western island by transport dropping. Claim the resources there, then plug the canal above the northern tip of the starting island, without the west red settlement most of the enemy force must go through this choke point. When the nNaval superiority is claimed, invade the Roman territory. The red base might require transport drops while the yellow base can be wiped out from the sea.

Since the player and yellow are separated by a thin layer of wood and cliff, it is possible to attack some of the yellow structure using the siege from the initial base. Beware though as it also means yellow towers can drive the player's Villagers out of that wood line.

Build up the base, and make sure to have a large navy. There are two enemies in this scenario: Rome (red), and Syracuse (yellow), both are Romans. Syracuse starts out with more units, but Rome has more of an economy, and their base will grow more quickly. The player should hit Rome first.

When control of the seas is secure, ship troops over to the red island. War Elephants are sturdy and good at leveling buildings, and Horse Archers deal good damage and can deal with their units. There's enough gold on the initial island to train plenty of both. Just be wary of Priests, which Rome has a plenty of. Should the player run out of gold on all three islands, mass Triremes to soften their coastal defenses, as they only cost Wood and can actually deal significant damage to buildings.

When the player has acquired the Roman Artifact, leave the island and attack Syracuse. When both Artifacts are in the player's possession, ship them back to the initial island.


Historical notes[]

The Carthaginian monopoly of seapower in the Western Mediterranean greatly influenced the land battles for Sicily. The Romans recognized the need to engage the Carthaginians at sea, as well as on land. Copying the design of a wrecked Carthaginian warship, the Romans built a fleet of their own and sought a decisive naval battle. The Roman and Carthaginian fleets met near Mylae to decide who would control the sea.
—In-game section


The victory of the Carthaginian fleets and the capture of great booty improves enormously our position versus Rome. You have foiled them both at sea and on land. Another decisive engagement will force them to sue for peace and recognize our supremacy.
—In-game section


The failure of the Carthaginian forces under your command has undone our recent victories over Rome. The people of Sicily now send tribute to Rome, not Carthage. The captain of your ship has been ordered to throw you overboard so that you can swim home immediately and receive new orders.
—In-game section
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