The Battle of Metaurus is the fourth scenario of the Rise of Rome campaign in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, replacing Metaurus.

Scenario instructions[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

Metaurus River, 208 to 207 BCE

Hannibal is at the gates! Though the Carthaginian general and his savage mercenaries lack the strenth to take Rome itself, they have set the italian countrysiude aflame and have defeated every legion sent against them for the past ten years. Now, spes tell us that Hannibal has sought out his brother, Hasdrubal, who has slipped our grasps in Hispania and crossed the Alps just as Hannibal did a decade ago. If Hasdrubal's army is allowed to join Hannibal's, Rome would surely fall to the barbarous Carthaginians! Go now, Consul of Rome, divide our enemies and conquer them!
—In-game section

Starting conditions[edit | edit source]

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Hints[edit | edit source]

  1. Friendly Roman villages lie beyond the rivers. They will help you if you find them.
  2. Hannibal has a foothold to the east. An aggressive strike against this base will give you additional space and access to more resources.
  3. Shallows are important strategic positions to hold.

History[edit | edit source]

Historical notes[edit | edit source]

Despite successive victories over the Romans early in his Italian campaign, Hannibal lacked the siege equipment and manpower to take Rome itself and end the war. The defeat of Carthage's ally, Syracuse, in 212 BCE and Carthaginian reverses and stalemates at Tarentum, Capua, and Beneventum in Southern Italy the same year, weakened Hannibal's position and whittled down his forces, made up primarily of Iberian, Gallic, and Numidian mercenaries. A rival political faction in Carthage, led by Hanno II the Great, had opposed the war from the start and refused to provide support to what was viewed as the personal vendetta of an overly ambitious Hannibal. What support the Carthaginian leadership provided to the war effort was sent to Iberia, where Carthage had significant commercial interests.

Fortunately for Hannibal, his brother Hasdrubal was committed to the war against Rome. In 207 BCE, Hasdrubal marched a fresh army from Iberia and across the Alps just as Hannibal had done a decade prior. The two brothers hoped that their combined armies would be sufficient to conquer Rome.

While Hannibal fought the Roman consul Claudius Nero at Grumentum in Southern Italy, Hasdrubal crossed the Metaurus River hundreds of miles to the north and approached the legions of the second consul, Marcus Livius Salinator. Hasdrubal sent messengers to his brother with his plans, but these were captured en route by Claudius Nero. Realizing the danger that the union of the two armies would pose, Nero took a detachment of his army and rapidly marched north, reaching Livius' camp at night.

The following morning, as the Roman and Carthaginian armies deployed for battle, Hasdrubal realized that the Roman army had swelled overnight. Suspecting that he was now facing two armies, Hasdrubal retired to his fortifications. That night, Hasdrubal led his army out of camp in an effort to cross the river and retreat to a more advantageous position. Perhaps betrayed by his guides, the Carthaginian general searched futilely for a ford across the Metaurus. The next morning, with the backs of the Carthaginians against the river, the Romans attacked. Hasdrubal was killed and his army annihilated. In an infamous act, Claudius Nero had Hasdrubal's severed head taken south and thrown into Hannibal's camp.
—In-game section

Victory[edit | edit source]

Your victory at the Metaurus River has given hope to all Romans, long terrorized by the dark specter of Hannibal. With the Carthaginian general stalemated in Italy, our legions march against our enemies in far-off Hispania. Led by Publius Scipio, a son of the storied House Cornelius, the legions have defeated Carthage's allies, the Iberian tribes. The promising young general is not satisfied by these triumps—he has designs on Africa and Carthage herself.
—In-game section

Loss[edit | edit source]

Your failure has condemned Rome. Bolstered by Hasdrubal's army, Hannibal marches on our capital. Our Republic is on its death throes. The Senate requires that you strap yourself to the ram of a trireme and put your thick skull to good use.
—In-game section
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