The Argo is a Greek arrow ship hero available to worshipers of Poseidon in Age of Mythology. It is first available in the Mythic Age, and is the only heroic ship in the game.

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As with all Heroes, the Argo is strongest against Myth Units. It is ranged so it can fire arrows at enemies from a distance. As the only naval hero in the game, the Argo is crucial in combating naval myth units. It also gives Poseidon's fleets an advantage in naval battles, granting them the only dedicated anti-myth unit ship. In other regards, the Argo functions as an arrow ship, making it strong against hammer ships but weak against siege ships. The Argo can also be sunk by shore defenses and siege weapons.

Mythology Edit

The Argo ( "swift sailing") was a ship built by Argos of Thessaly out of beech trees from Mount Pelion. Athena aided in the construction herself. Jason and the other Argonauts sailed on the Argo in their quest for the Golden Fleece. It was the largest ship ever built, with a full fifty oars, one for each of the Argonauts. Athena fitted the bow with a figurehead of lumber cut from her sacred oaks at Dodona that could speak and had the gift of prophecy.

Some of the Argonauts included:

  • Jason, the captain
  • Atalanta of Calydon, the virgin huntress
  • Calais, the winged son of Boreas
  • Heracles, the strongest man in Greece
  • Peleus the myrmidon, Achilles' father
  • Orpheus, the Thracian bard
  • Polydeuces, a Spartan boxer
  • Nauplius the Argive, son of Poseidon and a great navigator
  • And that most famous of Greek heroes, Butes of Athens, the bee-master

Trivia Edit

  • During the Alpha, what would later become the Argo's model was much larger, and used for the Trireme. The model was made smaller, and reused for the Argo, for unknown reasons.
  • Unlike most hero units, The Argo is unable to pick up Relics (even if they would be close to the water).

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