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The Admiral of the Ocean Sea is a Fortress Age politician in Age of Empires III, available to the British, Dutch, Maltese, Ottomans, Portuguese, and Spanish, as well as the Knights of St. John in the Act I: Blood campaign. As soon as the player advances to the Fortress Age by choosing him, a Caravel (Galley for the Ottomans and Order Galley for the Maltese) and 400 wood appears in the Home City shipment point.

Before the Definitive Edition, The Admiral of the Ocean Sea is available to the Portuguese and Spanish at a level 20 Home City, and to the Dutch at a level 30 Home City.


The Admiral of the Ocean Sea is most useful when playing on a naval map, especially Island maps. In land maps, he should be avoided unless there are lakes or rivers with a naval shipment point and covering those areas may be important.

The Admiral of the Ocean Sea can surpass the creation limit of the Caravel (or for the Ottomans and Maltese, the Galley and Order Galley, respectively). The 400 wood he provides may be invested on ships, but it may also give some land flexibility if used on buildings.


Definitive Edition[]

  • Home City level requirement removed.
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