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This article is about the revolutionary civilization. For other uses, see Texas.

Texas is one of the revolutionary nations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, unique to the Mexicans and available in the Industrial Age.

Revolting to Texas costs 1,000 food, 1,000 wood, 1,000 coin, and is irreversible.


Home City Cards[]

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  • Purple: Shipment that can be sent an INFINITE number of times
Texas Card Overview.png
Card Description
Federal card texan forts.png Texan Forts Forts spawn units in batches instead of training them
Federal card the alamo.png The Alamo Fortifications, buildings and walls spawn Minutemen when destroyed by an enemy; Ships 16 Minutemen
British Home City 3 (Robber Barons).png Robber Barons Ships 1 Factory Wagon
California Home City (2 Haciendas INF).png 2 Hacienda Wagons Ships 2 Hacienda Wagons
California Home City (Fortified Haciendas).png Fortified Haciendas Haciendas can use a ranged attack when garrisoned by villagers; Ships 1 Hacienda Wagon
Texas Home City (Old Three Hundred).png Old Three Hundred Ships 1 Citizen (Settler) for each building you have constructed; Citizens enabled at the Town Center for 70 coin
Mexico card Liberation March.png Liberation March Infantry, cavalry, and shock infantry get +5% speed and train time -35%
Spanish Home City 2 (4 Culverins).png 4 Culverins Ships 4 Culverins
Spanish Home City 2 (2 Heavy Cannons).png 2 Heavy Cannons Ships 2 Heavy Cannons
Texas Home City (14 Sharpshooters INF).png 14 Sharpshooters Ships 14 Sharpshooters
Texas Home City (15 Regulars INF).png 15 Regulars Ships 15 Regulars
Spanish Home City 3 (Heavy Fortifications).png Heavy Fortifications Grants all defensive buildings' upgrades and technologies (if not already)
Texas Home City (Gonzales Guns).png Gonzales Guns Each Town Center and Fort spawns 1 Napoleon Gun
Texas Home City (2 Fort Wagons).png 2 Fort Wagons Ships 2 Fort Wagons; Fort build limit +2
United States Home City 5 (1 Ironclad + 1 Steamer).png 1 Ironclad +1 Steamer Ships 1 Ironclad and 1 Steamer
United States Home City 5 (1 Ironclad INF).png 1 Ironclad Ships 1 Ironclad
Texas Home City (Texas Army).png Texas Army Imperial Volunteers, Regulars, and Sharpshooters upgrades are free but takes 4 times as long to be researched
Texas Home City (Texas Statehood).png Texas Statehood Ships 1 State Capitol Wagon; State Capitol and its technologies are available
Texas Home City (Texas Marines).png Texas Marines Upgrades Minutemen to Marines (Minutemen with +1,100% siege attack, +2.0× multiplier against artillery and +3.0× multiplier against ships, and no longer degenerate hit points)
Texas Home City (Texas Navy).png Texas Navy Imperial Men-'o-War and Ironclad upgrades are free
Texas Home City (Land of Burnet).png Land of Burnet Inspiring Flags get +70 AOE and also increases the hit points of units by 10%


  • Texas formed part of Mexico from the consolidation of the independence (1821) until the formation of the Republic of Texas (1836), annexed by the United States of America in 1846.