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This article is about the map in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors and Age of Empires III. For other uses, see Texas.

Texas is a random map in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors and Age of Empires III.

Age of Empires II[]

Relive the classic Mayan and Korean skirmish over the Lone Star state.
—Map description

Texas mini map with eight players

The Real World map depicts Texas as a sole island completely surrounded by water.


Texas is one landmass surrounded by water, with quite a lot of forests and plenty of Gold and Stone Mines. Expanding quickly to access the freely available Mines should not be disregarded. Fish is not as abundant, but Shore Fish is plenty, so building a navy does not make much sense. Players that start far from the shore can ignore the sea completely. In the eastern part, however, there are small rivers leading a little farther into the land, which gives players controlling the sea an opportunity to exploit that advantage.


The east of the map is of grassy terrain with pine and broadleaf forests while the west is dirty desert with broadleaf forests only. There are Deer, Javelina, Turkeys, Jaguars, and Wolves on the map.


Age of Empires III[]

Texas mini map
Texas appearance.jpg

Texas is located on the southern part of North America, it borders Sonora, Great Plains, Bayou, and the Painted Desert.

Texas is an open plain with scattered low cliffs. Two Trade Routes, each with two Trading Post sites, cut through the center of the map, separating the teams. There will always be at least two natives settlements, and sometimes three.

Texas gets each player started off with both an early defense and offense, giving them two Outposts and a Barracks, while Russians get two Blockhouses. With an effective boom set up, they can get started without having to worry about spending Wood on building them. Lakes, trees, and cliffs all create choke points dividing the map, with Native settlements alternating between the center of the map, and on each side of the map near the colonies.

One of the goals should be gathering cows; do not underestimate them because they're herdables. Since they're able to fatten up to 500 food, players can get 2000 Food with only 4 Cows, at a speedy gather rate! Silver Mines are somewhat plentiful, but they're far from the colony, forcing players to leave the safety of their Outposts. The trees are patchy, with actual forests being far from the start base. Herds of animals can be found close by, with the mighty buffalo providing 500 Food.

Native Americans found here are the Apache and Comanche Americans.

Treasures found here are:

  • A grove of chile peppers worth 55 Coin
  • Den Muskrats worth 10 Coin
  • A drift of Terrapin worth 35 Food
  • A (or two) stray dogie(s) (Cow(s)) that can be captured
  • A stand of chokecherry trees bearing fruit worth 30 Food
  • A grove of bois d'arc trees worth of 50 Wood
  • A Journal of El Pollo Guopo worth 320 XP
  • A Trapped Healer who will join the cause if rescued
  • A Stand of live Oak worht 60 Food
  • A Pool of Quicksilver worth 75 Coin
  • A Trapped Native American Warrior (Cherokee Rifleman) who will join the cause if rescued
  • The Boots of El Pollo Guapo which increases speed of whomever picks them up by 25.00%
  • A Den of skunks whose pelts are worth 70 XP
  • A Burrow full of Armadillos worht 80 XP
  • Sunflowers worth 75 Food
  • A Patch of peanuts worth 80 Food
  • A nearly-mature Coyote pup that can be tamed
  • The Elusive jackalope worth 320 XP
  • A Family of Tasty Possums worth 40 Food
  • Squash Plants worth 60 Food
  • The Shield of El Pollo Guapo which increases Explorer or Hero hitpoints by 30.00%
  • A nearly-mature Cougar kit that can be tamed
  • Marigolds wprth 60 XP
  • A Stand of gum trees worth 75 Wood
  • A Trapped Settler who will join the cause if rescued
  • Sweet Potatoes worth 70 Food
  • A stand of cottonwood trees worth 50 Wood
  • Cacti covered with cochineal worth 70 Coin
  • A Patch of potatoes worth 70 Food
  • Two Stray Sheep that can be captured
  • A stand of Bald cypress worth 80 XP
  • A stand of live oak worth 60 Wood
  • A Trapped Surgeon who will join the cause if rescued

Treasure Guardians found here are:


Texas is the second-largest state in the U.S. after Alaska. It has many regions and climates, ranging from pine forests and bayous to grassy plains and deserts. Wildlife is just as varied: deer, bats, pronghorn, goats, mountain lions, horned lizards, and coyotes are just some of the wild animals of Texas. Rice, wheat, and cotton are some of Texas' most abundant crops, and the grasslands, the southernmost edge of the Great Plains, support pasture lands for cattle and livestock.

Many Native American nations called the vast areas of Texas home, including the Comanche, Apache, Caddo, Kiowa, Cherokee, and Waco. The flags of six European nations have flown over the state of Texas, starting with the Spanish in the early sixteenth century. The French in the late seventeenth century claimed part of Texas near the gulf coast border with Louisiana. The French claim didn't last as the Spanish reasserted their claim by spreading missions and settlements all over the state. After Mexico won its independence from Spain, the Mexican flag flew over Texas. Texas won its independence from Mexico in 1836 and developed its own flag. In 1845, Texas was finally allowed to enter the United States, but it sided with the Confederacy during the American Civil War.


  • Texas was most likely chosen as a map in The Conquerors as a result of being the location of Ensemble Studios' headquarters. In fact, there is a flag with the ES logo in the approximate location of Dallas.
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