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The Tengri Shrine is a native Asian religious settlement featured in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. Like all natives, they can be allied with by building a Trading Post at their Trading Post site.


Tatar archer portrait.png Tatar Archer: Light Tatar cavalry archer with high attack speed and a large bonus against all cavalry.
Pet wolf aoe3de.png Tengri Wolf: A tamed wolf that obeys you and is good against treasure guardians and other pets.


Age Technology Cost Effect
Age I tech tree aoe3.png
Kumis.png Kumis 150 wood
150 coin
Ships one semi-fattened Yak for every 3 minutes the game has passed, up to 30 minutes
Shaman drums.png Shaman Drums 100 food
100 coin
Cavalry and Shock Infantry trains 10% faster
Wind horses.png Wind Horses 350 food
350 coin
Cavalry and Pets get +0.5 speed and -10% Rate of Fire


This Holy Site is identical to a Native Trade Site. Allying with Natives allows a player to train special Native units, usually warriors, and also grants access to a group of improvements to that tribe. Native units do not cost any population spaces, but can only be built in limited numbers.

“Tengrism is an ancient animistic religion that was widespread in North and Central Asia. The sky god “tengri” is its main deity and was worshiped next to many natural spirits and souls.In Tengrism and related beliefs high elevations like mountain peaks are considered sacred places due to their proximity to the sky. The “ovoo” is a man-made stone heap that represents a peak and therefore acts as a shrine. The political legitimacy of rulers in Turko-Mongol societies and states was connected to Tengri and comparable to the Chinese “mandate of heaven” or European “divine right of kings”. The royal Mongol chronicle from the 13th century CE claims for instance that the ancestors of Genghis Khan are descendants of Tengri.”



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