The Temple of Kronos is a type of Temple that appears in the The Ancient Relics scenario in The New Atlantis.

It is identical to a normal Temple, but it cannot be time shifted or deleted, unlike normal Temples devoted to Kronos. The player is restricted from building normal Temple during this scenario and must guard this one instead.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A special Temple of Kronos that cannot be Time Shifted or deleted. Garrison relics inside to gain blessings from the gods.

The main focus of The Ancient Relics scenario is to capture four Relics from queen Amanra, in order to punish the Egyptians for coming to Sikyos's defense.

At the same time, the Atlanteans must defend this special, ancient Temple from being destroyed. Each Relic that is being garrisoned inside the Temple of Kronos provides a god power to the player:

  • Marmashu guards a Relic that provides Bronze once captured.
  • Saqqara guards a Relic that provides Earthquake once captured.
  • Desert guards a Relic that provides Tornado once captured.
  • Avaris guards a Relic that provides Ancestors once captured.

Despite the above-mentioned quirks, the Temple continues to operate as a normal Temple, as it is vulnerable to attack, and provides the same things, myth units and Myth Technologies. More specifically, it provides whatever is provided from worshipping Leto and Hyperion.

Mythology[edit | edit source]

This ancient Temple represents one of the great archeological mysteries of the ancient Atlanteans, for it pre-dates most Atlantean written history, and is located deep in the heart of the Egyptian ancestral lands. The fact that it honors Kronos many centuries before the Atlanteans were thought to begin their worship of that ancient entity has ignited fierce debates among Atlantean scholars and scribes for centuries. The Temple is an impressively constructed stone structure with the extraordinary characteristic of resisting Kronos's time-shifting powers. Additionally, although far from invulnerable to enemy attacks, the Ancient Temple of Kronos seems to be blessed with a unique protective aura, preventing it from being destroyable by its owners.

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