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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For other uses, see Temple.

The Temple is one of the most important buildings in Age of Mythology. It is where mighty myth units can be unleashed, and also where some of their counters, the heroes are trained. Many myth technologies are researched at the Temple, including those which improve myth units. The Temple can be built from the Archaic Age, and is required to advance to the Classical Age.

Heroes can collect and garrison Relics in Temples for the player to obtain their benefits.

Since The Titans, when Age advancement to the Classical, Heroic, or Mythic Ages is complete, myth unit(s) specific to the worshiped minor god appear at the Temple. For example, Hathor worshipers gain a Petsuchos and a Roc. Certain other units can appear at the Temple, as noted below, while naval myth units will appear at the Dock only if one is constructed.

Generic technologies[]

Civilization differences[]

GreekPortrait Greeks[]

  • Villagers praying at the Temple generate favor.
  • Heroes can be trained from the Town Center and Fortress only when a Temple has been constructed.
Age Units
ArchaicAge Archaic Age PegasusIcon Pegasus (all gods)
ClassicalAge Classical Age MinotaurIcon Minotaur CentaurIcon Centaur CyclopsIcon Cyclops
HeroicAge Heroic Age ManticoreIcon Manticore HydraIcon Hydra NemeanLionIcon Nemean Lion
MythicAge Mythic Age MedusaIcon Medusa ChimeraIcon Chimera ColossusIcon Colossus

For Hades worshipers, the Temple is where his Shades rise from the dead to fight again.

ArchaicAge Archaic Age OlympicParentage Olympic Parentage
ClassicalAge Classical Age LabyrinthOfMinos Labyrinth of Minos WingedMessenger Winged Messenger SylvanLore Sylvan Lore WillOfKronos Will of Kronos
HeroicAge Heroic Age OracleTech Oracle TempleOfHealing Temple of Healing RoarOfOrthus Roar of Orthus Bacchanalia Bacchanalia GoldenApples Golden Apples
MythicAge Mythic Age FaceOfTheGorgon Face of the Gorgon MontrousRage Monstrous Rage FlamesOfTyphon Flames of Typhon HandOfTalos Hand of Talos ShoulderOfTalos Shoulder of Talos

EgyptianPortrait Egyptians[]

  • Temples cost -100% wood and are constructed slowly.
Age Units
ArchaicAge Archaic Age AoM Priest Icon Priest (all gods)
ClassicalAge Classical Age AnubiteIcon Anubite WadjetIcon Wadjet SphinxIcon Sphinx
HeroicAge Heroic Age PetsuchosIcon Petsuchos RocIcon Roc ScarabIcon Scarab ScorpionManIcon Scorpion Man
MythicAge Mythic Age AvengerIcon Avenger MummyIcon Mummy PhoenixIcon Phoenix

Each time a Set worshipper enters a new Age, a fixed number of Animals of Set appear at their starting Temple.

ArchaicAge Archaic Age HandsOfThePharaoh Hands of the Pharaoh SkinOfTheRhino Skin of the Rhino Feral Feral
ClassicalAge Classical Age HandsOfThePharaoh Hands of the Pharaoh FeetOfTheJackal Feet of the Jackal Necropolis Necropolis
Criosphinx Criosphinx Hieracosphinx Hieracosphinx Shaduf Shaduf
HeroicAge Heroic Age Crocodopolis Crocodopolis SpiritOfMaat Spirit of Ma'at
FuneralRites Funeral Rites City of the Dead City of the Dead
MythicAge Mythic Age AtefCrown Atef Crown

NorsePortrait Norse[]

  • Temples cost -20% wood and have -20% hit points.
Age Units
ArchaicAge Archaic Age Hersiricon Hersir (all gods)
ClassicalAge Classical Age TrollIcon Troll EinherjarIcon Einherjar ValkyrieIcon Valkyrie
HeroicAge Heroic Age BattleBoarIcon Battle Boar MountainGiantIcon Mountain Giant FrostGiantIcon Frost Giant
MythicAge Mythic Age FenrisWolfBroodIcon Fenris Wolf Brood FireGiantIcon Fire Giant
MountainGiantIcon Mountain Giant (Hel) FrostGiantIcon Frost Giant (Hel) FireGiantIcon Fire Giant (Hel)

When an Odin worshipper enters the Classical Age, Odin's pet Ravens appear above the Temple.

ClassicalAge Classical Age Hall of Thanes Hall of Thanes Hamarr Hamarrtroll
ElhrimnirKettle Elhrimnir Kettle AuroraBorealis Aurora Borealis
HeroicAge Heroic Age ThurisazRune Thurisaz Rune Rime Rime
MythicAge Mythic Age GraniteBlood Granite Blood Rampage Rampage

AtlanteanPortrait Atlanteans[]

Age Units
ArchaicAge Archaic Age Oracleicon Oracle (all gods)
ClassicalAge Classical Age PrometheanIcon Promethean AutomatonIcon Automaton CaladriaIcon Caladria
HeroicAge Heroic Age BehemothIcon Behemoth SatyrIcon Satyr StymphaliaBirdIcon Stymphalian Bird
MythicAge Mythic Age HekaGigantesIcon Heka Gigantes ArgusIcon Argus LampadesIcon Lampades
ArchaicAge Archaic Age Focus Focus Channels Channels Safe Passage Safe Passage
ClassicalAge Classical Age Alluvial Clay Alluvial Clay Heart of the Titans Heart of the Titans Hephaestus Revenge Hephaestus Revenge VolcanicForge Volcanic Forge
HeroicAge Heroic Age RheiasGift Rheia's Gift LanceOfStone Lance of Stone Gemino Gemino
MythicAge Mythic Age Asper Blood Asper Blood Celerity Celerity MythicRejuvenation Mythic Rejuvenation Eyes of Atlas Eyes of Atlas IoGuardian Io Guardian

ChinesePortrait Chinese[]

Age Units
ArchaicAge Archaic Age AoM Monk Icon Monk (all gods)
ClassicalAge Classical Age MonkeyKingIcon Monkey King QilinIcon Qilin TerracottaWarriorIcon Terracotta Warrior
HeroicAge Heroic Age WarSalamanderIcon War Salamander JiangshiIcon Jiangshi PixiuIcon Pixiu
MythicAge Mythic Age AzureDragonIcon Azure Dragon WhiteTigerIcon White Tiger VermilionBirdIcon Vermilion Bird
ArchaicAge Archaic Age Acupuncture Acupuncture
ClassicalAge Classical Age ElixirOfImmortality Elixir of Immortality GoldenBandedStaff Golden-banded Staff StoneArmor Stone Armor
HeroicAge Heroic Age Burials Burials RammedEarth Rammed Earth DemonSlayer Demon Slayer
LifeDrain Life Drain LandlordSpirit Landlord Spirit
MythicAge Mythic Age TigerSpirit Tiger Spirit NezhasDefeat Nezha's Defeat

Further statistics[]

Hit points Masons Masons: +15%
Architects Architects: +15%
AthenianWall Athenian Wall: +20% (Hera only)
Sun-dried Mud Brick Sundried Mudbrick: +10% (Hathor only)
RammedEarth Rammed Earth: +10% (He Bo only)
Armor Masons Masons: +20% Hack armorhack/ +5% Crush armorcrush
Architects Architects: +5% Crush armorcrush
Line of Sight SignalFires Signal Fires: +6
CarrierPigeons Carrier Pigeons: +6
OracleTech Oracle: +8 (Apollo only)
Resource cost Sun-dried Mud Brick Sundried Mudbrick: -15% gold (Hathor only)
Build speed DivineBlood Divine Blood: +15% (Aphrodite only)
Healing TempleOfHealing Temple of Healing: Gains ability to heal

Relic bonuses[]


Most early civilizations invested considerable wealth in their religious life, including the construction of temples or places where rites and ceremonies were conducted, where religious leaders were trained, and where beliefs were refined and passed on. Temples were often dedicated to one or more gods and acted as points of communication between humans and deities. At the Temple, believers might petition the gods for help and offer prayer, tribute or sacrifices to improve the reception of pleas. Temples were often magnificent buildings that overshadowed anything else in a city.
—In-game help section



  • Originally, the Egyptian Temples were based upon Trajan's Kiosk at Philae. This was most likely changed due to its construction in the Roman Aegyptus Era instead of the Ancient to Ptolemaic Egypt portrayed in Age of Mythology.
    • The Greek Temple resembled more closely a classic Doric temple; specifically, the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens.
    • Norse Temples at one point were walled with Palisades, most likely reflecting the Norse peoples' frequent wars with each other.


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