This article is about the building in Age of Empires. For other similar buildings, see Temple, Church, or Monastery.

The Temple is a special building in Age of Empires that becomes available once the Bronze Age is reached. The main purpose of Temples in is to train and improve Priests, which can heal allied units and convert enemies.

Temples are available all civilizations except for the Macedonians.

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"The temple was a religious center.  It was often the earthly home or point of communication with a particular god or goddess.  Priests or priestesses in the temple acted as the servants of the resident god or goddess and managed contact to and from the people, plus instruction, rituals, petitions, and answers to questions.  The most common form of petition was the prayer.  Another was the provision of gifts that supported the temple and its servants.  A less common petition was the sacrifice of animals or even humans.  The general belief of the time  was that the more elaborate a temple, the taller it was, and the more grand, the more disposed the god or goddess would be to provide good weather, rainfall, and crop yields, while keeping away pests, disease, and human invaders."
Age of Empires manual

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