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This article is about the technologies in Age of Empires III. For technologies in other games of the series, see Technology.
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Techs aoe3de

The following is a list of all the available technologies (called improvements in-game) in Age of Empires III and all its expansions.

Unit Upgrade[]

Main article: Unit upgrade (Age of Empires III)

Castle technologies[]

  • Hill castle aoe3de Hill Castle
  • Mountain castle aoe3de Mountain Castle

Fort technologies[]

Factory technologies[]

Town Center technologies[]

Market technologies[]

Arsenal technologies[]

Technologies marked with (A) require the Advanced Arsenal shipment.




Mill technologies[]

Farm technologies[]

Technologies marked with an (NA) are exclusive to Native American civilizations.

Plantation technologies[]

Technologies marked with an (NA) are exclusive to Native American civilizations.

Dock technologies[]

Trading Post technologies[]

Church technologies[]

Technologies in Age of Empires III
Arsenal technologies
InfantryInfantry Breastplate · Counter Infantry Rifling · Socket Bayonet · Flint LockA · Paper CartridgeA · Military DrummersA
CavalryCavalry Cuirass · Ranged Cavalry Caracole · PillageA
ArtilleryGunner's Quadrant · Heated Shot · Professional GunnersA · TrunionA · Incendiary Grenades
Dock technologies
SharedGill Nets · Long Lines · Armor Plating · Carronade · Percussion Lock · Ship's Howitzers
Native AmericansImproved Cordage · River Raids · Flag IroquoisDE Rawhide Covers · Flag SiouxDE Flaming Arrows · Flag AztecDE Cipactli Worship · Flag IncanDE Totora Reeds
AfricansHeavy Riverboats · River Skirmishes
Market technologies
Federal American
Food: Hunting Dogs · Steel Traps
Wood: Gang Saw · Log Flume · Circular Saw
Coin: Placer Mines · Amalgamation
Other: Blunderbuss · Great Coat · Frontiersmen
Native AmericanFood: Hunting Dogs
Wood: Lumber Ceremony · Forest People Ceremony · Forest Spirit Ceremony · Deforestation
Coin: Placer Mines · Fur Dressing
Other: Spirit Medicine · New Year Festival · Inti Festival
AsianFood: Hunting Eagles · Professional Hunters · Hanami Parties · Yozakura Lanterns
Wood: Water Wheel · Regenerative Forestry · Timber Trade · Tropical Timber Trade
Coin: Blanket Filters · Flume and Ditching
Other: Eastern Medicine · Civil Servants · Imperial Bureaucracy
AfricanCoin: Placer Mines · Amalgamation · Gold Purification
Wood: Hardened Iron Axes · Selective Logging · Blackwood Trade · Ebony Exports
Other: Royal Hunters · Tribal Societies · Royal Banquet · Transhumance · Cow Loans
Monastery technologies
Flag ChineseDE ChineseTraining Forms · The Five Precepts · Supreme Ultimate Fist · Slow Motion Routines
Flag IndianDE IndiansWhite Tiger Training · Improved Healing · Terror Charge · Crushing Force
Flag JapaneseDE JapaneseReiki · Intonjutsu Stealth · Kyudo · Kayakujutsu
Religious technologies
SharedTown Watch · Gas Lighting · Standing Army · Mass Cavalry
EuropeansBastion · Mission Fervor · Mercantilism
Flag MexicanDE MexicansHoly Mass · Liturgy · Guadalupanos · Cry of Dolores · State Religion · Visit of the Seven Houses · Día de Muertos · Redoubts
Flag OttomanDE OttomansMillet System · Koprulu Viziers · Grand Bazaar · Galata Tower District · Topkapi · Tanzimat
Flag American act3 aoe3de United StatesMedical Science · Bill of Rights · Redoubts
Unique religious technologies
Flag BritishDE BritishThin Red Line · The Black Watch · Roger's Rangers · Queen's Rangers
Flag DutchDE DutchCoffee Trade · Red Lancers · Blue Guards
Flag FrenchDE FrenchCode Napoleon · Young Guard · Middle Guard · Old Guard
Flag GermanDE GermansTilly's Discipline · Wallenstein's Contracts · Zweihänder
Flag OttomanDE OttomansNew Order Infantry · Topçu Corps · Tufanci Corps*
Flag PortugueseDE PortugueseEncomienda Manor · Ordenança · Order of the Tower and the Sword · Besteiros*
Flag RussianDE RussiansWesternization · St. Petersburg Dragoons · Petrine Reforms · Lifeguard Jaegers
Flag SpanishDE SpanishCorselet · Royal Halberdiers · Wild Geese
Flag SwedishDE SwedesPush of Pike · Savolax Jaegers · Gustavian Guards
Flag American act3 aoe3de United StatesPennsylvania Pound · 1st Pennsylvania Rifles · Pennsylvania Cavalry
Flag MexicanDE MexicansFirst Guarantee · Second Guarantee · Third Guarantee
Flag ItalianDE ItaliansCarabinieri · Risorgimento · Papacy
Flag MalteseDE MalteseTeutonic Knights · Crusader Knights · Knights of the Hospital
Mountain Monastery/University technologies
GeneralCity Walls
Flag Ethiopian aoe3de EthiopiansKebra Nagast · Book of Axum · Solomonic Dynasty
Flag Hausa HausaTimbuktu Manuscripts · Hausa Bakwai · Banza Bakwai
Ethiopian AlliancesSomalis: Somali Berbera Seaport · Somali Coinage
Habesha: Ark of the Covenant · Timkat
Jesuits: Christian Schools · Smokeless Powder
Portuguese: Church Organs · Portuguese Crusaders
Sudanese: Sudanese Red Sea Trade · Sudanese Quilted Armor
Indians: Goa Followership · Good Will Agreements
Oromo: Irreechaa · Gadaa System
Arabs: Blue Nile Ties · Yemeni Relations
Hausa AlliancesBerbers: Berber Kings of the Desert · Berber Ghorfas
Hausa: Kano Chronicle · Arewa · Bayajidda Epic
Moroccans: Argan Tree Planting · Arma Garrisons
Songhai: Timbuktu Chronicle · Mansa Musa Epic
Akan: Akan Gold Economy · Akan Palm Oil Exports
Fulani: Fulani Migrations · Gerewol Festival
Yoruba: Yoruba Twins · Yoruba Wrestling
British: British Artillery Engineers · British Army
Agricultural technologies
Granary portrait aoe3de GranaryHunting: Village Dogs · Snares
Food: Subsistence Farming · Swing Plow · Vegetable Carbon
Coin: Crop Rotation · New World Crops · Cash Crops
Large Scale Farming
China rice paddy icon aoe3de Rice PaddyFood: Paddy Threshing · Irrigation Channels · Dike-Controlled Canals · Mechanized Rice Cultivation
Coin: Rice Surplus · Rice Trade · Rice Markets · Rice Exports · Collective Economy
Plantation aoe3de EstateEU/FA: Bookkeeping · Homesteading · Refineries
NA: Earth Ceremony · Earth Gift Ceremony · Excessive Tribute · Flag AztecDE Tezcatlipoca Worship · Flag IroquoisDE Maple Festival · Flag SiouxDE Gun Trade · Flag IncanDE Coca Cultivation
Mill aoe3de MillSeed Drill · Artificial Fertilizer
Farm aoe3de FarmSelective Breeding · Great Feast · Harvest Ceremony · Green Corn Ceremony · Large Scale Gathering · Flag AztecDE Cinteotl Worship · Flag IroquoisDE Strawberry Festival · Flag SiouxDE Horsemanship · Flag IncanDE Urcuchillay Worship
Capitol technologies
State capitol aoe3de icon State Capitol
Capitol aoe3de Capitol
Towncenter aoe3de Town Center
Blockade · Spies · Knighthood · Peerage · Legendary Native Warriors · Immigrants / New Mexico Immigration / Strangers' Quarters · Large Scale Agriculture · Deforestation · Excessive Taxation · Cadets · Brigadier General · Oregon Trail · State Constitutions · Statehood · Iowa Farmlands · Pine Tree State · Mountain State Gold Rush
Big Button technologies
Flag AztecDE AztecsFounder · New Year Festival · Coatlicue Worship · Barometz · Aztec Scouting Party · Aztec Raiding Party · Aztec War Party · Cinteotl Worship · War Song · Tezcatlipoca Worship · Cipactli Worship · Gun Running
Flag IroquoisDE HaudenosauneeWoodland Dwellers · Strawberry Festival · New Year Festival · Secret Society · Lacrosse · Horse Secrets · Rawhide Covers · Haudenosaunee Scouting Party · Haudenosaunee Raiding Party · Haudenosaunee War Party · Siege Drill · Maple Festival · Cooperation · Gun Running
Flag SiouxDE LakotaNew Year Festival · Lakota Tokala Soldiers · Battle Anger · War Drums · Bonepipe Armor · Horsemanship · Flaming Arrows · Gun Trade · Cooperation · Lakota Lands · Gun Running
Flag IncanDE IncaQueen's Festival · Totora Reeds · Urcuchillay Worship · Inti Festival · Inca Scouting Party · Inca Raiding Party · Inca War Party · Royal Festival · Hualcana · Viracocha Worship · Coca Cultivation · Thunderbolts of Illapa · Gun Running
Technologies at miscellaneous buildings
Outlaw upgradesFolk Heroes · Compunction · Wild West · Peacemakers · Nomadic Bandits
MiscellaneousGun Running · Imported Cannons · Revetment · Star Fort · Fur Dressing · Sacsayhuaman · Pukaras · Kamidana · Tempo Reforms · Ritual Bovine · Cannery · Water Power · Steam Power · Mass Production · Town Government · County Government · Prefecture Government · Provincial Government
A requires the Advanced Arsenal Home City Card
* removed