This article is about the technologies in Age of Empires III. For technologies in other games of the series, see Technology.

The following is a list of all the available technologies (called improvements in-game) in Age of Empires III. There are three sections, each regarding the technologies that a new to Age of Empires III. The first will be about originally technologies, the second will have new technologies as well as The Warchiefs technology, and the third will have any additional technology to the European and Native American nations as well as the list of The Asian Dynasties technologies.

Age of Empires III Edit

Castle Techonologies Edit

  • Hill Castle
  • Mountain Castle

Fort Technologies Edit

  • Revetment
  • Star Fort

Factory Technologies Edit

Town Center Technologies Edit

Market Technologies Edit

Arsenal Technologies Edit

Technologies marked with (A) require the Advanced Arsenal shipment.


  • Infantry Breastplate
  • Counter Infantry Rifling
  • Socket Bayonet
  • Flint Lock (A)
  • Paper Cartridge (A)
  • Military Drummers (A)

Cavalry Edit

  • Cavalry Cuirass
  • Ranged Cavalry Caracole
  • Pillage (A)

Artillery Edit

  • Incendiary Grenades (A)
  • Gunner's Quadrant
  • Heated Shot
  • Professional Gunners (A)
  • Trunion (A)

Mill Technologies Edit

  • Seed Drill
  • Artificial Fertilizer

Farm TechnologiesEdit

Note: Only natives can build farms.

  • Selective Breeding
  • Great Feast
  • Harvest Ceremony
  • Green Corn Ceremony
  • Large Scale Gathering

Plantation Technologies Edit

Technologies marked with an (N) are exclusive to native civilizations.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Homesteading
  • Refineries
  • Earth Ceremony(N)
  • Earth Gift Ceremony(N)
  • Excessive Tribute(N)

Dock Technologies Edit

Trading Post Technologies Edit

Church TechnologiesEdit

  • Bastion
  • Mission Fervor
  • Town Watch
  • Gas Lighting
  • Mercantilism
  • Standing Army
  • Mass Cavalry

Barracks Technologies Edit

Musketeer Edit

  • Veteran Musketeer
  • Guard Musketeer
  • Imperial Musketeer
  • Redcoat Musketeer (British)
  • Imperial Redcoat (British)
  • Guerreiro Musketeer (Portuguese)
  • Imperial Guerreiro (Portuguese)

Crossbowman Edit

  • Veteran Crossbowman

Longbowman (British)Edit

  • Veteran Longbowman
  • Guard Longbowman (Yeomen required)
  • Imperial Longbowman (Yeomen required)

Pikemen Edit

  • Veteran Pikeman
  • Tercio Pikeman (Spanish)
  • Imperial Tercio (Spanish)

Skirmisher Edit

  • Guard Skirmisher
  • Imperial Skirmisher
  • Prussian Needle Gunner (Germans)
  • Imperial Needle Gunner (Germans)
  • Voltigeur Skirmisher (French)
  • Imperial Voltigeur (French)

Rodelero (Spanish)Edit

  • Veteran Rodelero
  • Espada Rodelero
  • Imperial Espada

Janisary (Ottoman)Edit

  • Veteran Janissary
  • Guard Janissary
  • Imperial Janissary


  • Veteran Halberdier
  • Guard Halberdier
  • Imperial Halberdier
  • Nassau Halberdier (Dutch)
  • Imperial Nassau (Dutch)

Ashigaru Musketeer (Japanese)

  • Disciplined Ashigaru
  • Honored Ashigaru
  • Exalted Ashigaru

Yumi Archer (Japanese)

  • Disciplined Yumi
  • Honoired Yumi
  • Exalted Yumi

Samurai (Japanese)

  • Disciplined Samurai
  • Honored Samurai
  • Exalted Samurai

Cassador (Portuguese)

  • Veteran Cassador
  • Guard Cassador
  • Imperial Cassador

Strelet (Russian)

  • Veteran Strelet
  • Guard Strelet
  • Imperial Strelet

Doppelsoldner (Germans)

  • Veteran Doppelsoldner
  • Guard Doppelsoldner
  • Imperial Doppelsoldner

Stable Technologies Edit

Yabusame (Japanese)Edit

  • Disciplined Yabusame
  • Hoonored Yabusame
  • Exalted Yabusame

War Wagon (Germans)Edit

  • Veteran War Wagon
  • Guard War Wagon
  • Imperial War Wagon

Uhlan (Germans)Edit

  • Veteran Uhlan
  • Czapka Uhlan
  • Imperial Czapka

Ruyter (Dutch)Edit

  • Veteran Ruyter
  • Guard Ruyter
  • Imperial Ruyter

Naginata Rider (Japanese)Edit

  • Disciplined Naginata Rider
  • Honored Naginata Rider
  • Exalted Naginata Rider

Opprichnik (Russian)Edit

  • Veteran Opprichnik
  • Guard Opprichnik
  • Imperial Opprichnik

Lancer (Spanish)Edit

  • Veteran Lancer
  • Garrochista Lancer
  • Imperial Garrochista

Cossack (Russian)Edit

  • Veteran Cossack
  • Guard Cossack
  • Imperial Cossack


  • Veteran Hussar
  • Guard Hussar
  • Imperial Hussar
  • Life Guard Hussar (British)
  • Imperial Life Guard (British)
  • Gardener Hussar (Ottoman)
  • Imperial Gardener (Ottoman)


  • Guard Dragoon
  • Imperial Dragoon
  • Jinete Dragoon (Portuguese)
  • Imperial Jinete (Portuguese)

Cavalry Archer (Ottoman and Russian)Edit

  • Guard Cavalry Archer
  • Imperial Cavalry Archer
  • Tartar Cavalry Archer (Russian)
  • Imperial Tartar (Russian)

Cuirassier (French)Edit

  • Gendarme Cuirassier
  • Imperial Gendarme

Artillery Foundry Technologies Edit

Organ Gun (Portuguese) Edit

  • Rabauld
  • Imperial Rabauld

Horse Artillery (WarChiefs only) Edit

  • Heavy Horse Gun
  • Imperial Horse Gun


  • Veteran Grenadier
  • Guard Grenadier
  • Imperial Grenadier
  • Pavlov Grenadier (Russian)
  • Imperial Pavlov (Russian)
  • Baractu Grenadier (Ottoman)
  • Imperial Baractu (Ottoman)

Abus Gun (Ottoman)Edit

  • Veteran Abus Gun
  • Guard Abus Gun
  • Imperial Abus Gun


  • Field Gun
  • Imperial Field Gun


  • Culverin Royale
  • Imperial Culverin Royale


  • Howitzer
  • Imperial Howitzer

Siege Workshop Technologies (Iroquois, WarChiefs only) Edit

Light Cannon Edit

  • Field Cannon
  • Legendary Field Cannon


  • Elite Ram
  • Champion Ram
  • Legendary Ram


  • Elite Mantlet
  • Champion Mantlet
  • Legendary Mantlet
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