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In the civilization overview, the team bonus is shown at the bottom.

A team bonus is a specific civilization bonus introduced in Age of Empires II that applies to every player on the team from the start of each game. Although the bonuses are referred to as "team" bonuses, they do apply in 1v1 games since one is considered to be on their own team.

Two of the same civilization's team bonuses do not stack, but a team bonus can stack with another bonus. Should a player be defeated or resigns, their team bonus remains active for their allies.

A team bonus functions as a technology that is researched at the beginning of the game, and as such, changing allies during a game will not transfer the team bonus. This is specially relevant in diplomacy games (games with no locked teams) and campaigns. Unless players set others as allies in diplomacy games at the start, team bonuses will not affect them.

In Return of Rome, team bonuses were introduced for Age of Empires civilizations.

ReturnRome-AoEIcon Age of Empires[]

AoE2-DLCicon-0 Age of Empires II[]

While the Berber and Cuman unique technologies Kasbah and Cuman Mercenaries are not team bonuses (as the player or one of their allies has to pay for them), they share the property that they apply to the whole team. Another difference these two technologies have from team bonuses is that their effects stack if multiple teammates research them. For example, if two Berber teammates research Kasbah, their team's Castles will work 56.25% faster (instead of 25%).

While "Reveal enemy initial Town Centers' location" is a Vietnamese civilization bonus, it can be considered as a team bonus. Since update 73855, shared Line of Sight is the default setting, so enemy initial Town Centers' location is revealed to the whole team at the start.

Out of all 65 unique units in the game, three are available as team bonuses: the Condottiero, Genitour, and Imperial Skirmisher. These are often used to supplement lacking unit lines (for example Condottieri can make up for the Persians' lacking Militia line; Aztec Imperial Skirmishers surpass the Aztec Arbalester; and Turks as they lack Elite Skirmishers and have fantastic Genitours with their Sipahi technology.), or to cover a niche, such as a late Imperial Age trash game.

The Bengali and Spanish team bonuses are almost useless in 1vs1 games. Since some maps like Marketplace have neutral markets which can be used to trade with, they are not entirely useless.

3Icon48px Age of Empires III[]

While Age of Empires III does not have team bonuses per se, it does have TEAM cards, which are shipments that affect the entire team and vary between civilizations. They also depend on deck composition. Much like Age of Empires II team bonuses, these cards do not stack and can be sent only once each in a team alliance, even if two allied players have them in their deck (they are considered "researched" once the first player sends them). Some TEAM cards are units and structures, while others are upgrades and improvements.


  1. The bonus is applied after farm upgrades, so a Farm with Horse Collar researched starts with food. In reality, the rate varies and is not exactly 10%, as elaborated in this section on the Farm page.
  2. The following units are considered light cavalry units: Scout Cavalry line, Magyar Huszar, Steppe Lancer, and Shrivamsha Rider.
  3. The Saracen team bonus displays +2 in the technology tree, even though it gives +3 attack against the standard building armor class. This is by design, since the description is meant to tell players about the effect in practice, not the value in the data files. Archers typically do a minimum damage of 1 against buildings. The +3 attack bonus against buildings results in an additional 2 damage being dealt to buildings; hence the +2 in the technology tree.
    However, in some cases the extra damage is indeed +3, such as against buildings with low pierce armor (Outposts, palisades, and Gates). For example, a Feudal Age Saracen Archer (4 pierce damage) attacking an Outpost (0 pierce armor) deals 7 damage instead of 4.
    The Saracen team bonus affects Skirmishers and Slingers because they are in the same unit class as the Archer-line. It does not affect Hand Cannoneers, because they have their own unit class.
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