In the civilization overview, the team bonus is shown at the bottom.

A team bonus is a specific civilization bonus in Age of Empires II that applies to both the player's civilization and those of all allied players from the start of each game.

Two of the same civilization's team bonuses do not stack, but a team bonus can stack with another bonus. It is also important to note that should a player be defeated or resigns, their team bonus remains active for their allies. However, In diplomacy games (with no locked teams), team bonuses do not affect allies.

The following list shows of team bonuses.

Note that while not technically a team bonus, the Berbers' unique technology Kasbah can be considered a team bonus as well since it, like regular team bonuses, affects the entire team. The Vietnamese also have a technology that benefits the entire team: Paper Money. But since it is of one-time use it cannot really be considered a team bonus.

Out of all 40 unique units in the game, three are available as team bonuses: the Condottiero, Genitour, and Imperial Skirmisher. These are often used to supplement lacking unit lines (for example Condottieri can make up for the Persians' lacking Militia line, and Aztec Imperial Skirmishers surpass the Aztec Arbalest), or to cover a niche, such as a late Imperial Age trash game.

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