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Trains sinister outlaws and mercenaries.
—In-game description

The Tavern is the European equivalent of the Saloon following the release of the playable United States civilization in April 2021 for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. It also generates 0.6 coin per second.


All European civilizations have the "Theaters" Home City Card which upgrades the Tavern to the Theatre, which allows the player to hire Ronin and reduces the population used by outlaw units by 2.

The British, Dutch, Ottomans, Portuguese, and Swedes can choose The Mercenary Contractor to advance into the Fortress Age, which allows the Tavern to train certain mercenaries regardless of the map.


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Age Technology Cost Effect
Age III tech tree aoe3.png
Folk Heroes.png Folk Heroes 200 food,
250 wood
Outlaw hit points and attack +20%, train time -50%

Further statistics[]

Building strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Nothing
Weak vs. Everything
Hit points Flying Buttress.png Flying Buttress (+20%)
Sight Gas Lighting.png Gas Lighting (+4)
Construction cost Cree Textile Craftsmanship.png Cree Textile Craftsmanship (-25% wood)
Tupi Forest Burning.png Tupi Forest Burning (-20% wood)
Penalties Code Napoleon.png Code Napoleon (+50% cost, French only)
Counter Infantry Rifling.png Customized Merc Weapons (+30% cost, John Black's Mercenaries only)

Home City Cards[]


The African Royals[]


  • When the Tavern is selected, the first few notes of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Rondo a la Turca" can be heard playing on a harp.
  • On the facade of the Tavern, it is possible to read "Das Bierhaus", which means "The Beer House" in German.
  • The Tavern reuses the history of the Saloon.


Taverns, Inns, and Public Houses (a.k.a. Pubs) have a long and colorful history across Europe and North America. While the term Saloon commonly refers to establishments associated with the American Old West, businesses where local townsfolk gather to consume alcohol and discuss the issues of the day have existed for centuries.

The common denominator, of course, is the ready availability of alcohol, noted for its ability to loosen the tongue and inflame passions. The future course of nations was most often argued and planned within such walls. From Paul Revere to Wild Bill Hickock, the day's movers and shakers typically gathered in a local watering hole.

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