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A taunt in Age of Empires

Taunts are short voiced messages players may send each other in-game. In order to do so, the shown below numbers must simply be entered in the chat box. In Age of Empires III, the taunt activates simply by typing; using the chat box is no longer required.

Taunts are available in every game in the Age of Empires series.

Age of Empires Edit

Number Result
1 Yes.
2 No.
3 I need food.
4 Somebody pass the wood.
5 Gold please.
6 Gimme some stone.
7 *Whimper*
8 Your attempts are futile.
9 *Group cheer*
10 Hey, I'm in your town.
11 *Group groan*
12 Join me!
13 I don't think so.
14 Start the game already!
15 Who's the man?
16 Attack them now!
17 *Low laugh*
18 I am weak, please don't kill me!
19 *High pitched laugh*
20 I just got some... satisfaction!
21 Hey, nice town!
22 We will NOT tolerate this behavior.
23 Get out!
24 Dad gum!
25 Aw, yeah!

Age of Empires II Edit

Number Result Audio
1 Yes.
2 No.
3 Food please.
Food, please
4 Wood please.
Wood, please
5 Gold please.
Gold, please
6 Stone please.
Stone, please
7 Ahh!
8 All hail, king of the losers!
All hail
9 Ooh!
10 I'll beat you back to Age of Empires.
Back to age one
11 (Herb laugh)
Herb laugh
12 Ah! being rushed.
Being rushed
13 Sure, blame it on your ISP.
Blame your isp
14 Start the game already!
Start the game
15 Don't point that thing at me!
Don't point that thing
16 Enemy sighted!
Enemy sighted
17 It is good to be the king.
It is good
18 Monk! I need a monk!
I need a monk
19 Long time, no siege.
Long time no siege
20 My granny could scrap better than that.
My granny
21 Nice town, I'll take it.
Nice town i'll take it
22 Quit touching me!
Quit touchin
23 Raiding party!
Raiding party
24 Dadgum.
25 Eh, smite me.
Smite me
26 The wonder, the wonder, the... no!
The wonder
27 You played two hours to die like this?
You play two hours
28 Yeah, well, you should see the other guy.
You should see the other guy
29 Roggan.
30 Wololo.
31 Attack an enemy now.
Attack an enemy now
32 Cease creating extra villagers.
Cease creating extra villagers
33 Create extra villagers.
Create extra villagers
34 Build a navy.
Build a navy
35 Stop building a navy.
Stop building a navy
36 Wait for my signal to attack.
Wait for my signal to attack
37 Build a wonder.
Build a wonder
38 Give me your extra resources.
Give me your extra resources
39 (Ally sound)
40 (Enemy sound)
41 (Neutral sound)
42 What age are you in?
What age are you in

Age of Mythology Edit

Number Result
1 Yes.
2 No.
3 Food please.
4 Wood please.
5 Gold please.
6 Do you have extra resources?
7 Aww
8 Meet here
9 Oooh
10 Are you ready?
11 (Laugh)
12 I need help
13 Sure, blame it on your firewall.
14 Start the game already
15 Attack now
16 Build a wonder
17 I have extra wood
18 I have extra food
19 I have extra gold
20 You're my hero
21 I'm scouting
22 Whatever
23 Oh, you let a girl beat you
24 Are we there yet?
25 Voted off
26 Ouch, that had to hurt
27 What happened to the stone?
28 Throw things at me
29 (Scream)
30 Wololo.
31 You're very brave
32 Turn back now
33 I feel less fighting

Taunts introduced in The Titans.

34 Give up now
35 Coward
36 Did I mention that I am a god now?
37 Not a wise decision but a decision nonetheless
38 What do I gotta do to get some food around here
39 I need some back-up
40 Fire in the hole
41 What a baby
42 I wish he would stop doing that
43 Ahh what a foolish decision
44 Ahh you are such a fool

Age of Empires III Edit

Number Result
1 Yes.
2 No.
3 I need food.
4 I need wood.
5 I need coin.
6 Do you have extra resources?
7 I have extra food.
8 I have extra wood.
9 I have extra coin.
10 Meet here.
11 Are you ready?
12 I need help!
13 Attack now!
14 Upgrade your trade route.
15 Wololo.
16 I'm in your base, killing your dudes.
17 Check in your wallet. That's me on the dollar bill.
18 I believe that makes me your daddy.
19 El-Oh-El, I am R-Oh-Tee-Eff-El. (Laugh out Loud, I am Rolling on the Floor Laughing.)
20 Aren't you becoming quite the little problem.
21 (Laughter)
22 This will give me cred, street cred!
23 Hey, shut your pie hole!
24 I'll take that trade.

Taunts introduced in The Asian Dynasties and The WarChiefs.

25 You sit on the computer all day playing! You know nothing of hard life!
26 Really? Such a noob.
27 Ask not for whom the timer ticks. It ticks for thee.
28 (Alternate laughter)
29 Check in your pocket. The quarter is me, too.
30 Where is my mother?
31 (Charge bugle call)
32 Believe it, little boy!
33 Zing!
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