The Tashunke Prowler is a Sioux heavy cavalry unit in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs that is stronger in groups.

Overview Edit

The Tashunke Prowler is unique in that gains more 10% strength and 5% health for each Tashunke Prowler nearby, and it is the only cavalry unit that has stealth ability (except the Sioux War Chief after a specific Home City card shipment).

Effective against Artillery and light infantry, they are trained at the Corral from the Fortress Age. They deal Area of Effect damage and are effective massed in later Ages but are relatively weaker since they lack direct upgrades (for example, Champion). They have a build limit of 12.

History Edit

"The primary means for a Plains warrior to gain glory on the battlefield involved acts of courage in battle - such as killing enemies, stealing horses, or taking weapons - which won prestige and enabled an individual to rise above fellow tribesmen as a warrior and leader.

For some groups, the highest honor of all was given to those warriors who managed to get close enough to touch an enemy and escape without killing him - a practice known as counting coup ("coup" is a French word meaning "blow"). A warrior could make contact with his hand, a weapon such as a club, spear, or bow, or even a specially crafted coup stick.

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