Tarpon is a kind of saltwater fish, featured in Age of Empires III. Tarpons are present in two maps; Caribbean (coexisting with Mahi-mahis) and Carolina (where they coexist with Sardines).

As with all other fish species in Age of Empires III, they yield 500 food.

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"Scientific Name: Megalopidae atlanticus
Approx. Size: Up to 8 ft. long, 280 lbs.
Diet: mullets, marine catfish, sardines, shrimp and crabs

The tarpon, also called the “sliver king,” is a prized game fish with large scales that go from dark green and bluish black to silvery sides. The last ray of the dorsal fin has a long filament that can trail back as far as the tail. They have a specialized swim bladder that allows them survive in oxygen-poor areas by gulping air at the surface of the water.

Tarpon are found in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters, typically living in shallow bays, estuaries and lagoons.

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