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Nature's accident.
—In-game description

The Tapir is a huntable animal in Age of Empires III. It appears on the American jungle maps, namely Yucatán, Orinoco, and Amazonia. It takes two shots to bring down for villager-type units and grants 500 food.


Scientific Name: Tapirus bairdii; Tapirus pinchaque; Tapirus terrestris
Approx. Size: 3 ft. at the shoulder, 350 lb.
Diet: Leaves, berries, fruit

Three species of tapir live in Central and South America. They resemble pigs, but are really relatives of horses and rhinoceroses. They have short legs, thick bodies, and a tapered, prehensile snout. They are largely nocturnal, though one species that lives in the Andes is diurnal. Fossilized remains of tapirs have been dated at 50 million years old!

They are preyed upon by big cats, bears, anacondas, crocodiles, and humans.