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Some tag icons visible in game

The Tag also known as the "Unittype/Abstract" system is a gameplay element in Age of Empires III and Age of Mythology. It is an attribute that is used to easily associate units under a shared 'class', without bloating code, and is generally used for effects on attack bonus, penalties and technologies for units and buildings. Most tags are shown in the description (in Age of Empires III) or mentioned by descriptions (in Age of Mythology), but some are hidden. Bonus and penalties are shown in the unit attack panel.

In the game files of Age of Empires III, they are under the </armor> attribute and, in both games specified by the <unittype> variables.

Age of Mythology[]

All tag classes used by Age of Mythology are as follows:

  • Unit
  • Hero
  • Economic
  • HumanSoldier
  • MythUnit
  • Ship
  • MythUnitInfantry (Vanilla only)
  • MythUnitArcher (Vanilla only)
  • MythUnitCavalry (Vanilla only)
  • AbstractArcher
  • AbstractInfantry
  • AbstractCavalry
  • AbstractScout
  • AbstractTradeUnit
  • AbstractVillager
  • AbstractTitan
  • AbstractWall
  • AbstractSettlement
  • AbstractPharaoh
  • AbstractDock
  • AbstractFortress
  • AbstractSiegeWeapon
  • AbstractArmory
  • AbstractBarracks
  • AbstractMonument
  • AbstractTemple
  • AnimalPredator
  • AnimalPrey
  • AnimalReactive
  • Building
  • BuildingsThatShoot
  • ConvertableBuilding
  • MilitaryBuilding
  • FoodDropsite
  • WoodDropsite
  • GoldDropsite
  • Huntable
  • SharedBuilding
  • Arrow Ship
  • SiegeShip
  • HammerShip
  • UtilityShip
  • WildCrops

Age of Empires III[]

Tags that only are affected by technologies or cards:

Tags affected also by attack bonus and penalties:


  • Unused file assets in Age of Mythology reveal that unit types were more pronounced beyond flavor text with icons representing the unit's class appearing on the side of the central stats (i.e Horseshoe for Cavalry). This feature, however, went unused, though it was brought back in Age of Empires III.

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