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Colonel Sven Kuechler is a Hessian officer and a foe of protagonist Nathaniel Black in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs campaign.


Colonel Sven Kuechler prides himself on his strict adherence to Hessian military virtues. Discipline. Obedience. Ruthlessness. There's nothing "soft" about Kuechler's leadership. His job is to extinguish this traitorous rebellion firmly and decisively. And none shall stand in his way for long.

During the eve of the American Revolution, Kuechler and the Hessians raided Nathaniel Black's Iroquois tribe and took Nonahkee prisoner, but failed to keep her captive for long. Colonel Kuechler soon fought in the American Revolutionary War with the job of extinguishing the colonial rebellion firmly and decisively allied with the British. Colonel Kuechler's first major loss was the Battle of Trenton where his army was suddenly attacked by George Washington and his forces. Soon, during the Battle of Morristown, Colonel Kuechler lead his army to attack Morristown, but was stopped by Nathaniel Black. His colony was destroyed during the battle and he himself was later killed.

In-game unit[]

Ruthless Hessian commander.
—In-game description

Kuechler fights with an officer's saber, which does a whopping 500 melee damage, allowing him to make short work of most units and weaker buildings due to his 200 siege damage. Surprisingly, he only has a 10% resistance against melee attacks.

Like other heroes, Kuechler has many hit points, but if he falls, he will collapse instead of dying and needs to regenerate enough hit points to be rescued by allies. He can collect treasures, but unlike Explorers, cannot build Trading Posts and Town Centers, and has no special abilities.


  • Kuechler is the only German character in the campaign of Age of Empires III.
  • Kuechler's stats are actually taken from Delgado in Act I: Blood.
  • Some fans believe that Kuechler is one of the leaders of the Circle of Ossus, though there is nothing that indicates this and he doesn't share the same goals as the other leaders, mainly the Lake of the Moon.
  • Kuechler considers the British to be soft, as indicated by his derogatory comments towards them.
  • Kuechler speaks English when controlled as a hero, whereas most heroes speak their native language. This is probably a nod to his service as a mercenary for the British.