The Sunda Royal Fighter is an infantry hero in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas.

For an infantry, it has high attack, armor, and health, as well as a high movement speed. As heroes, Sunda Royal Fighters cannot be converted and can regenerate health.

Campaign appearances Edit

They appear in the Gajah Mada and Bayinnaung (named Toungoo Warriors in the latter) campaigns.

Gajah Mada Edit

They notably appear in The Pasunda Bubat Tragedy, and belong to the Sunda princes, whom Gajah Mada wants to exterminate to cover the plot to subjugate the Sundanese from his king. They are (as their name suggests), the royal bodyguards of these princes, in Trowulan.

Bayinnaung Edit

They are found scattered around the map in The Burmese Tigers, and can be converted to the player's side. They can also be found in The Mandalay Cobra, along with Canoes, Dragon Ships, and powered-up Monks. Later they appeared in The White Elephant.

Le Loi Edit

Last but not least, they can be found on Malay Pirates island in The Dai Viet Uprising

Gallery Edit

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