"You have advanced to the Classical Age through the Rebellion of Sun Wukong."
Age up text in Age of Mythology

Sun Wukong is a Classical Age Chinese minor god in Age of Mythology:Tale of the Dragon. He is available to worshipers of Fu Xi and Shennong.

Attributes Edit

God Power Edit

  • GreatJourneyIcon Great Journey: Temporarily speeds up all the caster's units by 40%.

Technologies Edit

Myth Unit Edit

  • MonkeyKingIcon Monkey King: Large primate capable of stunning units.

Strategy Edit

Sun Wukong's benefits are short term and ideal for quickly gaining control of the map in the Classical Age. His Myth Unit, the Monkey King, deals decent damage and its ability to stun multiple units grants the player's own the upper hand in skirmishes, but it is otherwise frail and will become obsolete upon advancing to the Heroic Age. Likewise, the Golden-banded Staff technology should only be researched if an early victory seems promising.

The Paper Talisman technology only benefits Halberdiers but makes them more durable for early aggressive play. Pillar of the Ocean makes Junks (as well as Fishing Ships and Docks) more durable and as they make the bulk of naval warfare in the Classical Age, is crucial for securing ideal fishing spots. Sun Wukong's God Power, Great Journey, enables the player's units to invade enemy towns before they are able to properly defend themselves.

However, Sun Wukong can also be beneficial for lengthy games. The stronger Halberdiers can remain relevant longer against enemies who favor cavalry and Shennong players can upgrade them further by researching Zhong Kui and Ao Kuang. Even Great Journey can be saved for later as it has multiple uses such as increasing the speed of peasants escaping from a raid.


Sun Wukong is the fabled Monkey King, made most famous for his role in “Journey to the West,” where he makes friends and foes among all the gods of China in his many adventures. One time Sun Wukong visited Ao Kuang, Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. The Monkey King sought to find a weapon that he could wield from among the great dragon’s many treasures. To Ao Kuang’s frustration, the Monkey King broke any weapon the dragon gave him to try. Finally Sun Wukong reached Ruyi Jingu Bang, the pillar once used by Yu the Great to measure the seas, and which now held them in their place and which controlled the oceans’ tides. Ao Kuang thought it would be too heavy for him to lift, but the rod obediently changed its size and leapt into his hands, plunging the oceans into chaos. Fearful of Sun Wukong’s power, the Dragon King gave him many more magical items from his treasury to placate him.

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