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The Stymphalian Bird is an Atlantean Heroic Age myth unit in Age of Mythology: The Titans, available to Theia.

Attack bonuses[]

  • Heroes: ×0.25
  • Myth units: ×3

God Bonuses and Upgrades[]



Stymphalian Birds attack by flinging arrow-like feathers out of their wings at their enemies. They are dangerous support units and formidable in combat for several reasons. As a flying unit, Stymphalian Birds can only be attacked by ranged units. This, coupled with their large amount of pierce damage, makes them dangerous to both infantry (with the obvious exception of Throwing Axemen) and cavalry, who cannot fight back due to their lack of ranged attacks. Archers can attack them but inflict relatively little damage and will only take them down if in groups. The fact that they also do bonus damage to myth units makes them even more dangerous. Ranged heroes are the best way to deal with them. Countering with other ranged myth units, such as Fire Giants who deal hack damage, is also a viable method.


The Titans[]

Tale of the Dragon[]

  • With patch 2.7, the Bow of Artemis Relic now affects the gold cost of Stymphalian Birds.


Scientific name -- Eudocimus terribilis
Size -- 18' wingspan
Diet -- Carnivore, favors livestock

The Stymphalian Bird is a formidable Heroic Age myth unit. Only ranged units and buildings can attack it - ranged heroes are the strongest against the birds of Stymphalos.

For his sixth labor, Heracles slew the Stymphalian Birds. These birds were aggressive and hunted in flocks, much like lions or wolves. They ravaged the countryside around their lakeside nesting grounds, killing and carrying off livestock and occasionally children. They had very keen senses and especially keen hearing. Heracles used their keen hearing against them when, instead of venturing into their dangerous nesting grounds, he stood on a mountain top and clashed a pair of god-crafted brass krotala (castanet-like noise makers). It made such a racket that the birds could not bear to stay near and as they flew away, Heracles shot them with his bow.


  • Despite resembling a falcon and being a Greek mythological creature, the Stymphalian Bird belongs, according to its in-game history file, to the genus Eudocimis, a genus of New-World (Americas) ibises that bear little resemblance to the Stymphalian Birds as they are depicted in the game.
  • Originally, the Stymphalian Bird had larger eyes and a more grey-brown texture.


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