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Stuart Black is a character in Age of Empires III. He is the youngest son of Morgan Black.


Fourth (and neglected) son of Morgan Black, Stuart has devoted his life to making money, eating well, and staying out of danger. An expert at navigating the murky political waters in England, he was recently sent to govern a new colony in the Americas, but found that he was unprepared for the harsh realities of the frontier. He has had to rely on John's band of mercenaries for protection.

Stuart is a British colonial official assigned to manage the colony of Brunswick. The colony is protected by mercenaries led by Black's nephew John Black, son of Phillip Black. The colony has a friendly relationship with neighboring Cherokee tribes until immediately prior to the Seven Years' War, when the Cherokee launch assaults on Brunswick and on several other colonies in the vicinity. Though they are eventually defeated by John and his mercenaries, the Cherokee are found to possess cannon, leading the Blacks to believe that the Cherokee are aligned with the British government. This assumption is proved correct to a point; they are allied with General Warwick, a British official and the leader of the Circle of Ossus, the Black family's enemy.

Warwick arrives with a British army, ostensibly to protect the colony from Cherokee offensives, but instead occupies Brunswick and destroys several buildings. Warwick and his men interrogate Stuart, attempting to discover where the Fountain of Youth is located. Stuart is taken by Warwick to an unknown location when John Black and his mercenaries retake Brunswick, and is murdered at some point by the general. His decapitated body is found by John Black some time later.

In-game unit[]

John's uncle. Fat men are usually jolly, but he's just cowardly.
—In-game description

In-game, Stuart is only playable in one single scenario. He is depicted as a melee fighter who fights only with his bare fists, and with a pathetic attack value only slightly better than Villagers and scouts. His HP is also dangerously low, considering he is a hero. However, as a hero, he cannot be killed and can collect treasures. This makes him somewhat useful in fetching distant treasures and dispatching low-tier treasure guardians.


  • Stuart Black bears a heavy resemblance to Ian Fischer, one of the designers at Ensemble Studios.
  • Stuart Black and Mnevis both bear heavy similarities, such as the presence of a Goatee, being obese, being based on the likeness of Ian Fischer, and generally being regarded as being incompetent.
  • Stuart Black has the same voice actor as Sahin The Falcon.
  • In the original game, Stuart's head on a spike can be seen next to his decapitated body. In the Definitive Edition, only his body can be seen.