The Stradiot is an Albanian heavy cavalry mercenary unit available to many civilizations in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

The Stradiot is a heavy cavalry unit similar to an improved Hussar, putting it in between between the high HP but relatively low attack Mameluke and the high attack but relatively low HP Hackapell.

The Ottoman and Spanish civilizations can also ship six Stradiots from their Home Cities for 1000 coin. Four Stradiots are also included in the Mediterranean Mercenary Army shipment, available to all European civilizations except the Dutch.

However, in replacement of this the Dutch can, with the Religious Freedom Home City shipment, send five Stradiots known as Waardgelders for the price of 1000 coin. After this upgrade is purchased any future Stradiot hired in the Saloon by the Dutch will be called Waardgelder.

Shipments Edit

In-game dialogue language (Albanian) Edit

  • Po?/Po (Yes?)
  • Gati (Ready?)
  • Komandë? (Command?)
  • Do e bëj (I'll do it)
  • Do ta bëj (I will do it)
  • Sulm! (Attack!)
  • Në beteje! (To battle!)

History Edit

"The Stradiotto were originally the cavalry of Giorgio Castriota, an Albanian who was raised a hostage of the Ottoman court, which named him Iskander Bey. He escaped his captivity and led a rebellion against the Ottomans that expelled them from Albania. His forces, the remnants of which were the Stradiots, used guerilla tactics and the rugged Albanian terrain to repel the Ottoman Turks. The Stradiots were later employed as mercenaries by the Venetians in the sixteenth century.

These cavalrymen were unruly and could be counted on to break off from a fight to raid camps or supply trains. They wore turkish clothes, including baggy pants and shirts and turkish mail, but eschewed turbans for European helmets. They typically carried short spears called assegai that had points on both ends, but also used swords, maces, and crossbows.