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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For the building in Age of Empires II, see Stone Wall (Age of Empires II).

The Stone Wall is a wall in Age of Mythology. It is an upgrade of the Wooden Wall. For the Chinese, it is an upgrade of the Earthen Wall. It is the only wall upgrade available to all civilizations in Age of Mythology.


The Chinese, Greeks, and Egyptians can further upgrade Stone Walls into Fortified Walls, and the Atlanteans can upgrade to Bronze Walls. The Norse cannot upgrade their Stone Walls at all, which makes them the only civilization stuck with them as their best means of defense.

Stone Walls can be upgraded to Fortified Walls in the Heroic Age. The upgrade costs 500 food and 400 gold and is available to the Chinese, Greeks, and Egyptians. The research time is 50 seconds. Fortified Walls have 600 hit points more than Stone Walls.

The Atlanteans can upgrade their Stone Walls to Bronze Walls in the Classical Age already. The upgrade costs 400 food and 300 gold. The research time is 50 seconds. Bronze Walls have 300 hit points and 2 Line of Sight more than Stone Walls.


  • According to an unused voice-line, information within the files, and pre-release screenshots, Stone Walls and Wooden walls were separate, similar to the Stone Walls and Palisades, the latter as a gold-costing, resilient structure, and the Wooden Wall as the cheap, wood costing Archaic Age but weak structure.