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The Stone Age is the earliest Age in Age of Empires.

This Age depicts the paleolithic period of human history, and represents the most basic hunting and gathering for Food, basic warfare limited to close combat infantry and the constant struggle for survival. Basic fishing and naval trade exists as well as the construction of basic shelters. The next age is the Tool Age, which requires 500 food and two Stone Age buildings (excluding Town Center and Houses). Due to the limited technologies and military improvements available during this Age, it is strongly advised to advance through the next age as soon as possible.

The Stone Age is an important step towards building an economy. It is also possible to rush an opponent with what few villagers you have, destroy the Town Center and kill surrounding units, stopping them from advancing into the Tool Age where complex defenses are introduced. 

Buildings available[]

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Characterized by pursuit of the required tools of survival: the construction of shelter and the search for steadfast sources of food through hunting, fishing, and foraging.
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