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Stockades are a unique building featured only in the campaigns of Age of Empires III. They function as prison centers housing captured civilians and military units.


The building is a squarish enclosure that contains imprisoned units. The enclosure's material consists mainly of wooden planks on all sides. Barbed wire is also surrounding the planks so prisoners may not escape.

A gate lies on one side and cannot be opened by the player, the only way to free the prisoner inside is to destroy the building. One positive note is the building does not have a ranged attack like an Outpost, Castle, or War Hut.

In the campaign[]

Stockades are featured in multiple campaigns in Age of Empires III and its expansions. They are featured in almost every act of the game. They are often found in campaigns featuring Weapon Caches.

Age of Empires III[]

Act I: Blood[]

Stockades are found in the second scenario of Act I: Blood in the scenario Into the Caves where trapped Swiss Pikemen mercenaries are imprisoned from Ottoman stockades and can be freed.

Another scenario of appearance is in Spanish Treasure Fleet. The Spanish have some Quechua Huamincas and Quechua Bolas Warriors captured in Stockades around the map and the player can set them free.

Act III: Steel[]

The Stockades appear in The Boneguard's Lair. The Circle of Ossus keeps some Skirmishers, War Dogs and Musketeers in Stockades inside the cave, which can be released by the player.

3WCIcon48px The WarChiefs[]

Act I: Fire[]

Stockades can be found in the second scenario, The Rescue. Nonahkee has been captured by Sven Kuechler after a successful Hessian raid on her village and imprisoned in a pen, represented by Stockades.

Other Haudenosaunee Villagers have been imprisoned too, being kept captive to Stockades scattered across the land. It is imperative to free them, as the player begins with no Villagers.

Nonetheless, in order to beat the scenario, the player must destroy the Stockades where Nonahkee is kept captive.

3ADIcon48px The Asian Dynasties[]

Act I: Japan[]

Stockades are found in the first scenario of Act I: Japan in the scenario The Siege of Osaka, where trapped Yojimbo, who are woodcutters, have been imprisoned in Stockades.

Act III: India[]

Stockades are also featured in Act III: India in the scenario Raid in Delhi. Trapped Sepoy are found in Stockades and can be freed to join the players side.


  • If one inspects the building's model closely, they can see that outside the Stockades' gate lie gallows, an apparatus for death by hanging.